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23rd December 2006


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School time!
Article & interview by Ronny, Image by Kel

Leader Kel had an idea of making a JAWA school. This is a great idea. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, there are classes where 3 teachers give the best of themselves to teach the students something. ButÖ right now nobody is signing up and thatís a shame. This system could work out really well and I hope that everyone signs up as fast as possible. A little interview whit Kel.


How did you come on the idea of making a jawa class?
Kel: Well one day I saw people having a TFFA event and it didnít look well, so I decided to help them. And thought about making few classes.

Do you think that the skills of the clan are to low or something?
Kel: Not exactly, people in the clan are skilled. But still they have much to learn.
Like I do.

What is your planning to do whit it in the future?
Kel: If it will work out. I'm going to help people. I'm planning to make more classes. But at the moment people aren't even sighing in so...

Is it possible for people to sign in before we start?
Kel: Yeah. But they need to do it before we start. I canít start a class with two people in it.

Last thing you want to say about it?
Kel: Yeah, people if you need help. Come on the classes. Train with us. I promise you wont be disappointed.

And people please SIGN UP HERE!

Windows Vista + JKA
Article by Link

Whilst i was running Windows Vista on my machine i noticed that OpenGL was only just being supported by Microsoft. OpenGL is what games like JKA, Quake 3, MoH and others use to render the graphics you see. To run Vista you need a good high end graphics card that support Direct3D, OpenGL and DirectX 10 (for the best gameplay, those are not needed). Graphics Card providers are not updating their earlier models to be compatible with Windows Vista but due to rebellions from customers, that may change soon. Right now JkA doesn't really work well on Vista, but it is possible. I suggest waiting a while so that updates can be brought out to fix game issues as many games use OpenGL.

Welcome Ronny:
Article By Fire

As you may know Ronny: has been around here for a long time. He has also been a BIG help with (JAWA). And has been a good friend to many. Well this past Sunday Ronny: signed on. To Mario telling him that the Council has invited him into (JAWA). He accepted and has now been placed on trial. So good luck in the future Ronny: and congratulations on getting in!


Fire: When you first signed up in the forums, did you want to be in (JAWA)?
Ronny: :Yes, I already knew then that I wanted to join. Before that I just visited the server to find a good clan. People where nice so I signed up at the forums to learn more about the JAWA clan.
Fire: Did you ever apply for (JAWA)?
Ron:No I didn't. They said we don't recruit so I never made a real application. But people asked if I wanted to join and then I said yes.
Fire: You had to know EVENTUALLY you'd be getting in, with your contribution, but did you ever think you'd be getting in like this?
Ronny: :Totaly not. When the server went in lock mode, I gave up all my hopes and just sticked around the last week. After that week I would visit another server. But then I had to move to belgium so I waited a bit longer. Mario gave me the server pass and then all my hopes when back. I joined the server and it was just a suprise for me. Never knew that it would be like that, whitout any test, whitout any other extra stuff you need to do.
Fire: Any possible goals for the clan you may have?
Ronny: :Becoming a Great fighter and teach everyone how to play the game.
Fire: Any possible ranks you hope to become?
Ronny: :In my eyes ranks don't really matter. I don't have any goals for ranks and I just want to play the game and have fun with friends.
Fire: Well anyways, thanks for your time. And congradulations again. Have anything last words to say
Ronny: :Hmm, thnx for the interview I feel a bit special atm. And have fun

Merry Christmas!
Article & image By Kel

All the leaders and the council would like to wish all members a silent, peaceful, full of fun and family atmosphere christmas. We hope that you will play with some of the members in the day of Christmas eve to spend this time together as a family.


Christmas map added!
Article, image & interview By Kel

The members the decided that the map for christmas will be Who Ville. A very good and full of fun map! It's contais 2 areas, one with houses and other one are behind a big door. There we can find some slides, taun-taun zoo and other attractions. Have fun!

Opinions of players:

Its an interesting little map.
Its nice for the Holidays...
But there isn't much to it.
Gets kinda boring after a while.

I like this map, It's funny.
But it may get borring after some time
But it's an great map for holidays!



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