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31st December 2006


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Happy New Year!
Article By Link

Happy new year from all the council and the leaders! seems like only yesterday when we where celebrating 2006 :). I would just like to take this opportunity to tell those who have stuck with us since joining, that i am very proud of you for remaining with (JAWA) though the good and the bad, thank you so much :).

Have a good year all!


Clan FAQ!
Article By Link

Today i added something that was desperately needed, an FAQ page for the clan. I get asked hundreds of questions each month and most of them can either be answered by asking others, using the search feature on the forum or just thinking about it. So to cut down on the ammount of questions me and the other leaders are asked on a daily basis, i threw an FAQ together :P. If you have any suggests to add to the FAQ then don't hesitate to PM me.


League Results
Article & images By Kel

This was a special JAWA league for Kel who hosted his first one since 4 months.
Here are the Results:

Single: Wodec
Duals: Link
Staff: Wodec
Duel: Wodec
Melee: Link
Tag: HI and Wodec
Darts: Wodec - 1500 points (max)
Merc: Wodec
Sniper: Wodec - 18 sec.
TFFA: Blue Team (Link, Razz, Jack, HI, Fire)

This is the last League in the year 2006. I hope you enjoyed it. Congratulations to all the winners.
Also I'd like to announce that we have a new JAWA champion.
Wodec defeated HI in the duel event and the same he became a JAWA champ.
Congratulations and keep it up.
During the Sniper event Leaders decided to zero the time so Fluffys record: 3 Min. 20 sec. Isn't acctual anymore. The current record is 18 sec (Wodec).

I'd like also to thank all participants and Link for helping me with the League.

Winners of the TFFA:

Winners of the other Events:





Return of the Jedi
Article By Link

This week we celebrate bringing our old Jedi rank back after almost a year of being dormant! Ronny was the first to receive this rank after he was tested to determine which rank he should receive. I hope to see more Jedi in the future :).


Members of BBA
Article By Ronny, Interview & image by Fire

Yep, itís sad and we already know it all. But I and fire wanted to know more about the feelings of the old BBA members. Many of them joined and JAWA almost welcomes them all. Itís great to see some old friends back of some members and also they are very nice people! Here follows a little interview done by Fire.

Kai, how do you feel about the death of BBA?
It is sad, but everything dies, and trying to reviver it was never working so putting it down was for the best.

Any great moments you would like to remember?
Making friends were the best moments, I have met some great people in BBA and I will keep in touch with them all.

Whatís your worst memory of BBA?
Worst memory... First days of being a leader, very scary, and didnít suit me because I find it hard to be strict.

Did you ever think BBA would go down?
In the beginning no, but when Griff and Grom left it was inevitable.

Now that youíre in (JAWA) and a miracle happens. And BBA is reformed would you join?
Probably not, I had my journey through BBA and that was enough, and I donít want to turn my back on JAWA for a second time.

Any possible goals in this clan?
Not really I just want to make more friends and help in anyway, what I am good for :P

How do you feel about all Ex- BBA coming here?
Great! There one of the reasons I joined. And itís great that we still stay in one group.

Are you glad they did?
Sure I am, I love each and every one of them as friends of course.

Did you think before you knew our clan was an option, your JKA days might be up?
Nope, love this game... I wouldnít give this up If JAWA wasnít an option then I would have just free-lanced.

Will you still visit the BBA site?
Probably, but not as often as I used too.

Thanks for the interview. Any last words?
Yea, thanks to the council and Leaders for accepting me once again, and hope to see you all soon on the server.



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