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Every Friday: 7:00 p.m. GMT/BST, 2:00 p.m. EST/EDT


(JAWA) School is a regular series of training programs developed for clan members and guests. Open classes are usually held on the main (JAWA) server, but closed training sessions may be moved to the event server. Topics vary from basic lightsaber skills to advanced combat, team training, and special classes dealing with alternate game types, weaponry, and the Force. Classes are led by a regular staff of experienced teachers, although guest instructors may be appointed from time to time. Most classes meet on the Academy v3 map, which can be obtained from the downloads section of the forums. Classes typically last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the topic and size of the class. Unless otherwise noted, students do not need to register for classes, or attend classes in a fixed sequence.

Course Descriptions
  • Jedi Knight 101 is an introduction to basic Jedi skills, focused primarily on lightsaber combat techniques and strategies. Students will be familiarized with the different sabers and stances, as well as concepts such as aim, timing, dodging, parrying, and counter-attacking. Other classes will focus on the Force, weaponry, and various game types.
  • Advanced Combat Techniques is a course involving different styles of lightsaber combat, including the traditional forms developed over centuries by the Jedi Order. Students will be instructed in the subtle techniques and philosophies of each form, including both offensive and defensive techniques.
  • Team Training is a regular practice session focused on developing and maintaining the skills necessary to fight as a member of a team. Students are instructed in strategies and tactics to help them coördinate their attacks, and avoid interfering with their teammates, in order to improve their performance in clan matches and related events.

Who may participate
  • Unless otherwise stated by the instructors, classes are open to all players who wish to participate.
  • Some classes and practice sessions may be closed to participation by players other than regular or enrolled students. During these classes, other players may be asked to leave the server.
  • Because most classes are held on The Academy v3, players are not normally required to participate in class in order to remain on the server. However, non-participants are asked to avoid disrupting classes in progress, and may be asked to leave areas where classes are being held, or to use private messages and clan chat to avoid confusing the students.

Class Rules
  • Students participating in (JAWA) School are expected to remain attentive and follow the instructions of the masters. Players who repeatedly disrupt classes may be removed from the classroom, or, if necessary, kicked from the server.
  • Students who are members of other clans are not required to remove or change their normal clan tags in order to participate. However, if the class is broken into teams identified by colour, students who are not members of the (JAWA) Clan may be asked to use special (JS) tags, unless prohibited by the rules of their respective clans.
  • During classes, admins are permitted to teleport participants to and from the classroom in order to save time.
  • Unless otherwise stated by the instructors, all other server rules remain in effect during classes.
  • The instructors reserve the right to postpone and reschedule classes as needed, schedule or cancel additional classes and training sessions, and move classes from one location or server to another.


School Headmasters