The (JAWA) Honours 2007

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 List of (JAWA) Honours

Comedian of the Clan - Zantos

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This award was given to Zantos who was considered at the time to be the Comedian of the Clan, with his unique personality and carefree attitude he made an impact on the members this year.

Darkest Clan Member - DarkSoul

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This award was given to DarkSoul who by his namesake was considered to be the Darkest Clan Member this year. His dark or cold persona seemed to radiate from his player model!

Most Skilled Clan Member - SiLink

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At this time in his career, SiLink was also considered to be one of the more skilled members in the clan, with the members voting him as the most skilled member of this year.

Friendliest Clan Member - Helena Revan

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Helena Revan was voted as the Friendliest Clan member of this year, her friendly and supportive attitude to the clan has been noted and Helena continues to reach out to others to offer a helping hand.

Most Helpful Clan Member - Helena Revan

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Helena Revan alongside the friendliest member was also voted as the most helpful! This is by far the right call and Helena has earned this vote by the members.

Most Helpful Council Member - Jasp

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Jasp has earned the Most Helpful Council Member honour for all the work he has done and the help he gives to members of the clan.

Most Helpful Admin - Helena Revan

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It is therefore not suprising that Helena Revan has once again achieved another award, this time for her helping the server and members as an admin of the clan.

Most Active Clan Member - Helena Revan

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You cannot achieve this many honours without also being one of the most active members! Helena Revan has really pushed the boat out this year in helping others and being around constantly for people to come to for help.

Most Inactive Clan Member - Hi

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It seems HI this year was thought to be one of the members who were always seen as Inactive! It's hard work to be Inactive but some might say it's even more difficult to be the most inactive member in this clan!

Most Insanest Clan Member - Zantos

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It seems you can't be a comedian without being a little insane! Zantos has earned himself another honour as the Most Insanest Clan Member.

Most Happy Clan Member - Stitch

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You may say he's always in stitches! The happiest member in the clan was voted as Stitch! The happy little Stitch will be recorded as the happiest member this month!