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This page is a very brief overview of the Jedi Academy clan called (JAWA) that was founded in October 2004. You will find more relevant information under each heading.

Who are we?

"When I refer to (JAWA) I refer to it as "our" clan and when I talk to visitors, allies and other members I never say "I" when I refer to decision making, I say "we". I never have and never will consider (JAWA) my clan, because most of everything in (JAWA) is built up of work from a HUGE range of members and I am simply just one of them. So who are we? Well to me (JAWA) is a community of people and we are all part of it, we do regular events together, we have fun together and we all try our best to get along with each other... Our mission is pretty simple, enjoy ourselves and make the experience enjoyable for everyone around us."


       Former (JAWA) Leader


Like most clans, (JAWA) has a set of rules guarding the forum, clan and server. These rules are put in place to keep order and to allow guests to understand what sort of environment our clan is. Some rules are specific to the forum, clan or server however we do have some rules which are global in our clan such as the "No Swearing" rule. If you disagree with our rules then it's probably a good idea to simply not register on our forum or play on our server. Server Admins enforce these rules on the server and Council Members enforce them on the forum and within the clan so if you have any problems then it's best to speak to the appropriate people to get a solution.

We're sometimes often asked why we have certain rules such as "No Swearing" and the answer is simply that we have a wide range of visitors/members who join the clan/server from very young ages. For example a few members sometimes allow their young brother/sister to play on the server due to the friendly atmosphere, we've had cases where kids as young as 4-5 have been playing on our server. We enforce such rules to protect the younger players of our community.

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Joining (JAWA)

If you're thinking about joining (JAWA) it's probably a good idea to see whether we're recruiting or not first. If recruitment is open then you are free to apply as long as you read and understand the FAQ which will answer most questions you probably have about the application process. Once you've submitted your application then a Council Member will respond telling you that your application is being polled by the clan and we'll get back to you shortly. You will be placed on a trial during this time. After those two weeks you will be welcomed into the clan and given membership. Your trial/poll may be ended prematurely or extended for special circumstances such as good behavior or if you won't be available the day you're going to be welcomed into the clan. Please be aware that registering on the forum and joining the clan are completely different things.

Read former/current members experiencesClick here to visit the Join (JAWA) areaClick here to register on the forum


There are many benefits to those who join (JAWA) over those who are not members. The main and most obvious benefit is the fact that you have a chance to change the clan for the better. (JAWA) Members are often given a lot of power compared to most other clans in Jedi Academy. An example of this is when Leaders sends out a survey every year asking for members suggestions/comments on the clan and views on certain features/situations. Once the survey is complete, a Leader makes a large topic explaining the results in detail as well as listing all member suggestions/comments. These suggestions then provide discussions and can lead to change. An example of this is that a small group of members wished for the Disciple rank be renamed to Elder. It was polled to the entire clan but the majority said they wanted to keep it the way it was and thus wasn't changed.

Promotions in (JAWA) are decided by the Council Members. There are two council members who every 2 weeks rotate and post a topic to the rest of the council asking whether or not (Member Name Here) deserves a promotion. Once everyone has voted, it is then added to the council to-do list and whenever that member is seen, he/she is promoted to the rank pre-determined in the council section. Becoming a council member in (JAWA) is only allowed when one of the leaders posts a message in (JAWA) Central informing everyone that a spot is open, and to private message him on the forum showing their interest. Once the deadline has passed, the (JAWA) leadership will then post in the council section quoting everyone interested in the position. The council will then hold a discussion and polls to determine who will become the new Council Member. Whether it be member or council member promotions, every person including leaders have one vote and everyone has equal voting power.

Other benefits of becoming a member include access to the monthly (JAWA) League, the ability to admin the server, the ability to host random events, participate in clan matches, the ability to teach at (JAWA) School and pass on your knowledge, participate in ally events such as The (JAWA) Ally Open Tournament, work your way up the Ranks, receive Awards in recognition of your efforts and much more.

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History of the clan

(JAWA) has a very long history dating back to 2004 when it was first founded by Matt and Iniowe. Shortly after the two founders vanished, SiLink became the Leader when no other members were left and lead the clan till 2013. Nightwing lead the clan alongside SiLink from 2013 till after SiLink stepped down, Nightwing ran the clan for the remainder of the year to the point where he chose Zantos to be co-leader with him. We've had a few changes in leadership and as of 2017, Jacobie, Nightwing, and System are the current leaders. The clan itself goes through many changes every year which is documented on our History page, the clan is very pro-change and wishes to keep up with the times rather than getting caught in old ways which no longer work well.

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Ranking System

Becoming a member of (JAWA) allows you to progress up the Ranks which are currently separated in two (Yellow and Cyan). The cyan ranks are often progressed through rather quickly whereas the yellow ranks take much longer to achieve or certain things must be required to obtain them. For example, Master is our only skill based yellow rank in the clan and requires members to pass the The Cyan Trials and The Master Trials for the Master Rank. Promotions are usually done either one to one by a council member or in a ceremony if more than one person is being promoted.


Click here to view our list of ranks


In (JAWA) we try to think of as many ways possible to award it's members whenever they either do something good or helpful to the clan. There are many ways we do this and at the moment we have 5 awards that we give out to show our appreciation. The most regularly given award is the Participation Award which is given every month at the beginning of The (JAWA) League to somebody who has done a lot for the clan that month, similar to employee of the month. The Contribution Award is given out whenever somebody has made a really big effort for the clan and has contributed a lot of time to a certain task with the goal of helping the clan. The Hall of Fame award is rarely given out, perhaps 2-3 times a year to individuals who have impacted the clan in a big way and will be forever remembered for their contributions over the years. Lastly, our highest honour and one that is only given on rare occasions, as of 2017, only four have been given out. This is of course, the Clan Enrichment Award where the person in question receives an award, custom made to their image or what they were awarded for. The (JAWA) Honours are given out every year (November/December) when the Leader(s) private message every clan member, and asks for them to vote for members in certain categories, e.g. Most Skilled Member. The results are given around mid/late December and placed on the members wiki Profiles.


Since the beginning, (JAWA) has always been looking and been very open to form new alliances with other clans and that has been proven by the fact that we've formed alliances with over 20 clans during our lifetime as a clan. There are many benefits from being an ally of (JAWA), the first and biggest is the fact that allies can take part in The (JAWA) Ally Open Tournament which takes place every 4-5 months where a winner is decided from a large 32 player tournament held in a 1-2 hour event. Another good reason to become an ally is the fact that our Ambassadors work very closely with allied clans to come up with events for both clans to participate in. (JAWA) Members often visit allies more than other servers due to the fact that we're allies, so both clans would benefit from increased server traffic.

View our current and past alliesThe (JAWA) Ally Open TournamentAmbassadorsBecome an ally


(JAWA) is probably most well known for the wide variety of events we have, usually on a daily basis. Events are usually planned in advance by Event Planners or they can be done whenever the server is feeling a bit bored. The actual range of events was hold became too big to remember at one point, so we made an random events database with all our spontaneous events listed there. Every last Sunday of the month is the (JAWA) League (Members only) which features 12 events including the (JAWA) Championship, the whole event lasts around 3 hours depending on how many people turn out.

Every Saturday at 7pm GMT there is (JAWA) School which lasts around an hour and a half and offers to teach those participating about combat in Jedi Academy. We also occasionally have a few clan matches a few times a month with other clans. As you can see there are many events held either irregularly or regularly, so feel free to come along and participate!

Random Events(JAWA) SchoolThe (JAWA) LeagueClan Matches

The Server

We pride ourselves on being one of the longest running and most popular Jedi Academy servers, not just on JA+ but covering the entire game. Due to our large member base (All of whom are active, inactives are removed every few months) we often average around 15 players, although it can sometimes quickly fill up to the maximum 32 very quickly. Our server runs JA+ 2.4 build 7, which is the latest version of JA+. We run JA+ MP damages which have become the standard in the JA+ community, so you're likely to be very used to our damages without even playing on (JAWA) before. As stated above, our server has a number of guidelines/rules that all visitors/members must follow, these rules are enforced by our Server Admins.

Please be aware that our server definitely isn't suitable for everyone, for example if you are used to constantly intense Free For All's, then you're likely not going to find them on our server as often as you would on perhaps more combat focused servers. Our server also had a few custom maps which can be found in our Downloads area.

Server RulesServer Information

How can I help?

Well the first thing you need to do to help is become a member. If you're already a member there are many things you can do to help the clan. If you enjoy writing then you may want to consider joining The (JAWA) Post team, who release a monthly newsletter with interviews, news, games, comics, promotions and more. Do you often visit many servers or perhaps are interested in other clans? Then perhaps become an Ambassador and put those interests/skills to use. Do you see yourself as a person who wants to organize events often? Then becoming an Event Planner is probably the perfect job for you. Possibly the most popular way to help out is becoming a Server Admin, where you can enforce the rules of the server on those who break them. One of our most popular "events" in the clan is participating in clan matches which is handled by the (JAWA) Knights, if you feel you'd like to help arrange matches with other clans then this job may be suitable for you.

If you wish you could also donate to the clan as well, just click the orange donate button on the forum index. We also need regular patreons, on the sidebar, you have the option of direct donation or being a patreon. All donations go towards server/forum costs.

The (JAWA) PostAmbassadorsEvent PlannerServer Administrators

You can also look at our 10 ways to contribute to (JAWA) topic.

Any questions?

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to post on our forum, ask somebody on the server or private message/email a Council Member. You may also want to check out our Action Center page to see if any questions you may have, have already been answered.

Action Center