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 Manager: None
 Captain: None
 Founded: 2007
 Founder: N/A
 Active?: No
 Previous Members:
Agent, Aos Si, Arceus, Arios, Arlu3n, Beggsy, Clear Insanity, Caelum, Castiel, Cole, Cronus, Dace, Device, Diab, Diamond, Dizzy, Doc, TheDoctor, Dragon, Drake, Duster-Man, Falcon. Frosty, Genbor, Helena Revan, Hy Pro Glo, IronSkull86, Jazzy, Kal'Gram, Lacey, Lezlo, Lostris, Malgus, McFish, Mooku, Natsumi, Nick00105, NorthStar, Pearl, Python, Razor, Redshadow, Robin, Ruxith, Sazen, SephFF, Scream, Shadow, SiLink, Starkiller, System, Tao, TC, Vultax, Water, Xibios, Yami, Zu
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A (JAWA) Ambassador is a member of the clan who has been given the responsibility of being a contact to (JAWA)'s Alliances whether this be simply visiting an ally to keep up good relations often or setting up fun events with allies. Ambassadors also have the job of scouting out possible new alliances and suggesting them to The Council. This also involves showing other clans how well behaved (JAWA) Members are on other clan servers which is a vital part of diplomacy.

As of the 22nd January 2019, The Ambassadors club will no longer be a club but it is now a role for chosen Council Members to go out and interact with other clans on a consistent basis, host events and meet and greets, and essentially handle the majority of things from other clans.



In the beginning there were two kinds of ambassadors, "outer clan" ambassadors and "inner clan" ambassadors. The inner clan" ambassadors were always Council Members who focused on talking with members, answering questions, dealing with issues, and resolving these issues or disputes within the clan itself. The "outer clan" ambassadors could be council members or non-council members who's task was to visit other clans, get to know other clans, arrange clan matches or events, and handle issues or disputes between other clans and (JAWA).

Since 2007 some things have changed. Ambassadors are non-council members who focus on the "outer clan" tasks. Beginning of 2011 there are one or two council members who are tasked to oversee their duties and assist where needed with clan matches or events. All council members are still entitled to visit other clans and keep in good contact with our allies.

2012 brought about many new changes in (JAWA) with the introduction of many other clubs, the ambassadors now had more specific duties which consisted of hosting events among other things. Naturally, the system required a re-vamp which was conducted by the ambassador managers of the time Diab and Jazzy.

On the 30th June 2013, Lacey became the new ambassador manager. When Lostris rejoined the council on 2nd February 2014, she joined Lacey to assist with the ambassadors. On the 21st April 2014, Jazzy took over Lacey's role as ambassador manager.

On the 5th July 2014, Pearl joined the council and became the new ambassador manager together with Lostris.

After Pearl retired from being council, Arceus took over her role as ambassador manager on the 10th October 2014.

As of 3rd February 2015, Jazzy and Starkiller are the ambassador managers.

As of 17th February 2015, Jazzy stepped down as manager leaving Starkiller as full-time manager. To this edition came two captains Nick00105 and System.

As of 5th June 2015, Starkiller stepped down as manager and the role was then handed over to System.

As of 26th July 2015, Nick00105 stepped down as captain due to entering retirement before returning on 2nd September in the same year. He remained as captain until the 5th February 2016.

A month later, on the 7th March 2016, Beggsy took the role of ambassador captain.

As of 13th May 2016, Beggsy stepped down as captain.

As of 17th May 2016, System stepped down as manager of the ambassadors, and the responsibility was handed over to Frosty.

As of 29th May 2016, Cronus took the role of co-manager of the ambassadors, working with Frosty.

As of 21st June 2016, Nick00105 took the role of captain of the ambassadors, once again.

As of 21st July 2016, Nick00105 left the role of captain.

As of 4th March 2017, Doc was elected as the new captain of the ambassadors.

As of 29th July 2017, Hy Pro Glo took the role of captain as Doc became a council. Mooku became co-manager of the club, alongside Frosty.

As of 3rd December 2017, Frosty stepped down as manager. Hy Pro Glo, as he took his place on council, joined Mooku as co-manager.

On the 22nd May 2018, Arlu3n was given the role of captain by Hy Pro Glo and Mooku.

On the 20th August 2018, Mooku stepped down from the council as well as co-manager of Ambassadors, resulting in Hy Pro Glo as the sole manager.

Arlu3n stepped down as captain of Ambassadors on the 6th January 2019

As of the 22nd January 2019, The Ambassadors club will no longer be a club but it is now a role for chosen Council Members. As a result of this change Hy Pro Glo stepped down as manager of Ambassadors this same date.