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 Aliases: Drake, Crysophylax, Ronin, Cassus
 Joined (JAWA): May 10, 2011
 Pathway: Unknown
 Forum Profile: Crysophylax
 Skin: Download
 Lightsaber: Unknown
 Quote: Unknown


 League Wins
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On the 7th December 2019, Cryso was chosen by the Council to become one of the two next leaders of (JAWA). This was made official by Diab during the (JAWA) Honours.
On the 13th April 2019, Cryso was welcomed into the (JAWA) Council by Robin.
On the 18th September 2018, Cryso came out of retirement and was given the rank of Master due to his old rank of Elite being merged with Master during the Clan Shake-Up.
Crysophylax went into retirement on the 30th July 2018
On the 17th June 2015, Cryso was removed for inactivity.
On the 6th September 2014, Cryso was welcomed back at his former rank by Nightwing.
On the 12th May 2014, Cryso left (JAWA).
On the 17th November 2013, Cassus successfully passed his Elite Trials! He was awarded the rank of Elite by Helena Revan, Duster-Man & Dopie.
On the 13th October 2013, Crys...Dra...CASSUS found a new vision and decided to once again grace us with his presence and rejoined the clan.
On the 8th July 2013, Drake decided to leave (JAWA) for the "final" time, to focus more on his life and future goals.
On the 2nd July 2013, Drake finally reached the pinnacle of his journey, and was promoted to Guardian by Dopie & Helena Revan.
On the 6th March 2013, Drake was officially promoted to the rank of Knight by Dopie.
After proving his committment to the clan, Drake returned on the 13th January 2013, and was assigned his former rank by Helena Revan.
On the 22nd November 2012, Crysophylax decided it was time to take his leave once more.
Crysophylax was welcomed back into the clan on the 14th October 2012, this was done by Jazzy.
Crysophylax departed from the clan once again on the 17th June 2012.
Crysophylax was welcomed back into the clan on the 2nd February 2012, this was done by Bandeth.
On the 14th December 2011, Crysophylax decided to leave the clan.
Crysophylax was promoted to Jedi by Helena Revan on the 22nd October 2011.
On the 15th August 2011, Crysophylax was promoted to Adept by NorthStar.
On the 3rd July 2011, Crysophylax was promoted to Padawan by Fox.
On the 10th May 2011, Crysophylax received the rank of Initiate from Fox.

Elite Trials


The Assassin

Crysophylax (Cryso for short), started his hunting in his early years (JK2). He was taught to track and assassinate people for his very first clan, Knight of the Old Republic (KOR). This is where he received most of his training in all areas of combat and diplomatic maturity. The training and honor he received in his very first clan, lead him to many years of enjoyment and accomplishment.

Cryso, engaged with many enemies and was often feared in his realm. He fought many Jedi and was honored by his clan with being promoted to the top. Many of his fellow friends and comrades fell ill and the clan started to fade. Cryso took the leadership position and fought with everything to prolong and captivate the new younger members. He was able to fight off many clans that were ready to see us fall, out of fear that we would rise again. These clans joined forces and swiftly hit our homeland and destroyed everything [KOR] had. Cryso told his troops to scatter and start new lives in new realms, but to never forget with they came from and to remember the fallen of their home.

The Jawa that Captivates

As many years had past (JKA), Cryso drifted across numerous realms. He was trying to find a new place to settle, but he knew it could not just be any place. A place where loyalty and maturity matter, but where competition would also enthrall him. Cryso still had his old teachings, and he would hunt and kill when needed. Contrary to belief, within the thrill of the hunt, he respected the rules of engagement for each realm.

Cryso settle in a quaint planet and briefly put down his weapons, and took a time of peace. This time of peace was short, because he needed excitement and honor. Thus this peace brought him no satisfaction, and swiftly he cleaned up his armor and weapons and set out, to find a new home.

Cryso had heard whispers and mumblings of one certain home. He approached this festive Jawa, named Bob. Bob would speak so highly of this place, and Cryso just couldn't refuse a visit. As he approached the land of (JAWA), he came across numerous people laughing and training. He graciously requested several duels from different members and found them very respectable and very honorable. He found everyone offered challenges daily, and he accepted to keep up on his practice.

The Trial

Cryso, felt like this could be the place and graciously asked if he could become part of the (JAWA) clan. As he initiated the process of joining, he continued to meet a lot more of the members and was able to show them that he was worth giving a chance within their home.

They asked him to participate in a lot of there events and show them what type of person he could be. Cryso obliged and showed his mature attitude and skillful style to them. He fought vigorously and studied the way the clan saw things. Cryso continued to be the a shy one, but came out strong during certain events that he was able to attend.

The Initiation

The Trial weeks were coming to an end and Cryso was pulled to the side, by one of the Council members. Fox snuck up on Cryso, and took him to another area, away from everyone else. Fox and Cryso talked for a little bit and the conversation ended with Fox welcoming him to be apart of the (JAWA) home and become an Initiate.

Cryso graciously accepted and continued to show his activity around his new home. He has since done more events and placed fairly well within some of them. He was invited to join his First Open League, that consisted of many allies dueling eachother.

His First Open League

Cryso, was ready and focused for this event. He wanted to test his skills and see if his rustiness was wearing off. His first round was killer and had to face an tremendous opponent. This opponent was Drak, the previous champion and a great duelist among the Council clan. This battle showed off Cryso's strength in his strong style. In the end Cryso came out on top, and advanced to the next round.

As participants numbers started to dwindle down, he was called up to face his next opponent. He walked into the center of the ring and found himself against another he had never met before. The duel commenced and his opponent Ocelot, struck fast and gashed into Cryso's armor. He felt like he was working with borrowed time, but he stood strong and fought back. The duel went back and forth and lasted around 10-minutes with an entertaining and dramatic ending. As he went for the all or nothing approach at the end, he jumped into the air and slashed down onto Ocelot and hit him with the final blow.

As he rested for the next round, he tended his wounds and patched himself up as best as he could. His next opponent was none other than Echo and Echo was superb through the whole event. Cryso was struck fast again, but harder and definitely noticeable. He fought back, but in the end Echo got the final shot and moved on to the next round.

Cryso may have been eliminated, but he knew he would become stronger from this and use it to it's advantages.

A Padawan's Datapad

Coming off a defeat from the Open League, Cryso wanted to start to document different findings, techniques, or anything in general that might be of use in his future. But to do just that, he had to vigorously be more active within the clan. He started off by dueling constantly with fellow members, especially TC, Bandeth, and Steha-hasta. He would get together with other members and just shoot the breeze while learning as well.

Within the datapad, Cryso was able to see what he improved in, and what he thought he needed help with. With this knowledge he started to offer some services for a few members, helping with outfits or insignias. Stuff that he picked up throughout his years, simple stuff. He offered his ear to a few others, when they needed it. He truly wanted to show that not only would his provide on the battle field, but also within the community of other trades.

As he did this, Council of (JAWA) took notice and started to discuss if he was ready, to move up in the ranks. Through loyalty, although short so far, they believed he was a good addition to the ranks and he will continue to help and prosper the clan. Council Member Fox once again, was the one to pull him aside, and relay the wonderful news for him.

Cryso took a deep bow to his council, and reached for his datapad. He quickly inputted his thoughts of joy, then went to celebrate with his fellow members. His datapad is like a holocron, something that can tell you about the past, specific events, or just something random. Something that can help him to continually grow and be better.

The Desire Inside

As Cryso strived to be more active in the clan events and involved with the internal affairs as well. He found himself thinking of ways to make this happen. He, of course, practiced more on his footwork and saber techniques, dueling a variety of different people, insiders and outsiders. As he sought to work on the internal side too, he broke down a list of what he might possibly be able to do at this stage.

A friendly Gravitas' recently started back-up a fast system of connection with each participating member through their datapads. His system was ingenious and many (JAWA) members themselves wanted to be apart of the list and interaction. As Gravitas' worked hard, he noticed that he was losing time elsewhere, time that was needed for his daily life.

Cryso decided he would step in and help Gravitas' finish his desire for his system. Cryso started with contacting all he could, asking politely if they would like to be on the list. He received many fast responses and started to update Gravitas' program and system with all the names and information. As the responses started to slow down, he used the time to update Gravitas' with all the work that had been done. Gravitas' was thrilled with the progress and asked Cryso to continue on, even with new members that will join this home. Cryso graciously obliged, and awaited the remaining messages he needed to finish the second version of the list.

During this time, SiLink and the Council noticed this work and discussed amongst themselves on possibility of promotion. After much deliberation, NorthStar was the lucky one to break the good news. Cryso, was honored to be even thought of, knowing he only wanted to help where he could, no matter the rank.

Also during this time, Cryso was able to celebrate (JAWA)'s 7th Birthday, with the rest of the members. On that day, he was able to partake in the Leader's speech, and the thoughtful events that followed. This celebration brought everyone closer together, due the fact there are only a few huge communities left in the realm. Cryso enjoyed every moment of that day and understood why he wanted to help out so much. A wonderful feeling to be a part of such a warming community of friends and family.

As the week went on, the final responses start to roll in for Gravitas' project. Cryso eagerly inputs the rest of the data, so they may release the new version to the community. Gravitas' and SiLink okay the final draft for the newest version, and the publish was made. Gravitas' datapad program was fully operational and helped members discuss, chat, and get in contact when needed. A success, that will forever be updated in intervals, by Gravitas' and Cryso.