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 Aliases: Duster-Man, Zealot
 Joined (JAWA): 16th April 2010
 Pathway: Unknown
 Forum Profile: Duster-Man
 Skin: Duster-Man
 Lightsaber: Unknown
 Quote: Unknown


 League Wins
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Duster-Man went into retirement on the 4th May 2017
Duster stepped down from the Council for the second time on the 30th October 2016, in order to focus on his other interests, and was reinstated at the rank of Lord!
On the 28th July 2016, Duster was once again chosen to serve as a member of the (JAWA) Council.
On the 30th June 2015, Duster stepped down as a Council Member. He will be missed as a member of the council and we are very proud of what he accomplished here and hope he will consider rejoining the council someday.
On the 30th June 2013, Duster was chosen to serve as a member of the (JAWA) Council.
On the 17th March 2013, Duster received the rank of Elite after passing his Elite Trials. Because of his long-term loyalty to (JAWA), he was awarded the rank of Master for his hard work, dedication and strong efforts. He was awarded this rank by Dopie, Fox, Jasp, Lostris, Ivanova & Nightwing.
On the 17th March 2013, Duster received the rank of Elite after passing his Elite Trials. Because of his long-term loyalty to (JAWA), he was awarded the rank of Master for his hard work, dedication and strong efforts.
In recognition of his long service and loyalty to the (JAWA) Clan, Duster-Man received the rank of Disciple from SiLink on the 13th May 2012.
On the 16th August 2011, Duster-Man received the rank of Guardian from SiLink.
Duster received the rank of Knight from Jazzy on the 6th February 2011.
Duster received the rank of Jedi from Jazzy on the 21st November 2010.
Duster received the rank of Adept from Helena Revan on the 7th August 2010.
Duster was promoted to Padawan by Helena Revan on the 28th June 2010.
On the 16th April 2010, Duster-Man was welcomed into the clan and assigned the rank of Initiate by Kirby.

Elite Trials


Chapter 1

Ever since I’ve seen the game play of this game on my brother’s computer I had a big interest of playing the game. I couldn’t get the game right away because I didn’t have the right computer for it. Finally I got a computer that worked for the game in late June 2005. I started to play Siege mode and Single Player when I first played the game. After beating single player I then loved FFA. I’ve always thought that FFA was amazing. I went to server to server to have some fun. I went to Clan servers such as LOA, [AoF], Lots, JP, SNJ, (JAWA) and much more. Those were some of the first servers I’ve been to. I’ve spent my first year of playing this game without being in a clan. The reason why is because I didn’t understand how clans worked and I was pretty young when I first played. I was 10 years old when I first played JKA. I’ve also spend time with clans that my brother us to be part of. He used to be a member of Hots and RJA clans. Since I’ve seen my brother wearing clan tags I got influenced to be in a clan and I go to random servers and see what I was interested and I found a server that day. The first clan I ever joined was that server. I found the Chosen Ones {CO} clan.

Chapter 2

I spend some time on the Chosen Ones’ server and I was interested in joining the clan and they accepted me after a 3 duel trial with one of the clan’s leaders Eal2z. I got accepted into the clan in 2006. The clan had a Jedi and Sith system. I picked to be in the Jedi system and I’ve earned the rank of Padawan, the lowest rank of the Jedi system. The Chosen Ones clan had 6 servers. We had FFA, Battle, Flight, Pod Racing, Siege and the CTF servers. We’ve used them all the time. FFA and Battles servers were the most active servers around. Use to have some random fun with all those different types of servers. I felt that the Chosen Ones clan was home at the time. It was a skill/loyal based clan. There were so many ranks that we had promotions every 1-2 months. Getting promoted was way complicated but I was willing to do a promotion like that. One of the reasons I have the skill I have in the game today. I went to every practice they have which was 2 times a week and we learn some new skills that may get us better in the game. We use to have a lot of Role Play events back in the days. I always wanted to participate in them. A lot of them in Sith Council v2 map. We also did all the SJC Episode 3 maps. It’s been a lot of fun. It was a clan which the lowest rank in the clan gets a master and they train them. My master was Eal2z, the guy who got me into the clan. He’s also the reason I had skills and we were like brothers. KnightHawk was the main leader and founder of the clan. We had the best friend relationship at the time. He was one of my influences to become a council member of the clan and become leader of the clan. It was about May-July 2007 when there was unexpected inactivity on the server. Everyone seemed to stop going on to the server and then around July 2007 the server was gone and had no contact with anyone in the clan. I never gave up hope. I appeared in other servers still wearing my tags and hopefully maybe someone would contact me on a server. But I had no luck. I had this feeling that they were gone so I removed my {CO} tags and tried to decide what clan to join next for almost 3 years.It was very sad that {CO} died. I lost a family and I haven’t even completed my goals to the clan, become part of the council and become a leader of the clan. It’s been one of my goals in JKA to be part of the council and just maybe become a leader. Around December 2009 – February 2010 I started to hang out at Mystic Forces server.

Chapter 3

Mystic Forces is a Lugormod server. I liked the idea of lugormod and it’s like playing a whole new video game. Getting credits to level up and get to the highest level. I almost stopped looking for a new clan while hanging out in that server. But then I went to a lugormod server I’ve never heard of. I got credits and leveling up easily because no one was there and then I met the owner of the server named Vanessa. She told me the day before I came to the server was the first day the server was on. That means I came on to the server on its second day. The name of the server was Vanessa’s Lugormod and later changed to the Leviathon Lugormod. We both had some nice talks about life and all. Vanessa was a pleasure to talk to. She’s one of those people I really miss and I really wish I can see her. The last day I saw her was the day I made my application to (JAWA). Her server went down all the sudden and never saw a trace of her or the server again.

The Conclusion

In March 2010 I started to go to the (JAWA) server and hanging out there all the time and had an interest of making an application. I made my application on March 28, 2010 and I earned my trial on March 30, 2010. I got accepted into the clan on April 16, 2010. Since then it has been a whole new beginning of my new life of JKA.


 Hall of Fame
Duster-Man was inducted into the (JAWA) Hall of Fame by Nightwing on the 16th April 2014 Here is what Nightwing and others said about Duster-Man:

Duster-Man joined (JAWA) in April 2010 and has done nothing but show us what being a (JAWA) Member is all about. Duster is one of the most contributing and assertive event planners that this clan has ever had the fortune to have. Since becoming an event planner Duster-Man has held many events for the clan, and has become a beacon for what it means to be an Event Planner. When we accepted Duster onto the the (JAWA) Council it was one of the easiest choices I've ever had to make, his abilities with not only event planning but his supporting of others and his friendly attitude really makes him a worthy member to receive this honour. Having received two Participation Awards for his work with event planning and one of the few members to attain the rank of both Elite and Master, Duster has made a large impact on this community.

Duster went on to not only be an Event Planner but to manage the entire club which he has done a great job since taking on the responsibility. When you take part in one of Dusters events, you immediately know that the event will be well organised and go off without a hitch. He has fully established his place as one of the most active and contributing event planners we have and will ever have in (JAWA). Duster-Man went on to join the (JAWA) Council and since has been a great asset to the leadership, we are excited to see what else he has in store in the future.

Congratulations Duster-Man, thank you for all your hard work.


 Contribution Award


Duster-Man is well known in the clan for all the work and effort he has put in as an Event Planner. His work with the club has been second to none, with over 110 event results topics that I've been able to find. Add this to the quality of events that he has hosted and the superb skill, precision and efficiency in which he executes them, you cannot think Events in (JAWA) without thinking of Duster-Man. Duster has held all three positions within the event planner club, which include a member, captain and manager. We as a clan and the leadership are thankful for all the years of hard work he has put into the event planners and this is the reason I am presenting him with a Contribution Award for all of his efforts within this club.

Thank you for all your hard work Duster!