Exiled Knights

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 Clan Name: The Exiled Knights
 Abbreviation: |EK|
 Leader(s): Jeh, Rhodes, Cheer and Vedas
 Status: Disbanded
 Age: 8 years, 6 months, 22 days
 Website: Click Here
Main Server -
Event Server -


Grand Master


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Forming the alliance

On the 21st November 2012, SiLink was granted permission from The Council to propose an alliance after the Ambassadors & |EK| Diplomats shown great interest in forming something. A few days later on the 24th November 2012, the alliance was accepted by Drako after discussing it with the |EK| council.

Breaking the alliance

Sadly, on the 6th August 2016, it was announced on their forums that |EK| would be disbanding due to severe inactivity on both forum and server. A possible revival of the clan is not excluded in the future, we hope the members will find a way to rebuild what was once a widely known clan.

Welp, as you all know the forum and server activity has been dwindling. The leadership and rank structure of |EK| no longer serves much purpose. As a result... the time has come to close the doors. Think of it as, an end to the structured clan that |EK| was, to leave behind an online community of those who were involved in it. The fact is there just isn't enough interest across the clan to keep things running and thriving in the way intended. This is not to say that in the future, a revival of the structured clan that we knew is out of the question if enough interest occurs. However, as of now all existing members can think of themselves as no longer part of a clan but an online community forum. Forum member groups will be edited to reflect this change eventually.

You are free to join other clans. Should a clan have any issues with you still being on any archive rosters that may appear feel free to contact me and I can remove that. There still is however, a community here, be it less active, and to those who wish, you may wear your old tags on the server or if you feel you've earned it HM. Should anyone feel the urge to organize an event or go on the server I personally encourage them to.

Its been a great ride.

Clan Matches
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 14/09/15 3 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 05/09/15 3 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 22/04/15 0 - 2
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 06/04/15 2 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 23/11/14 3 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 22/11/14 1 - 2
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 26/04/14 2 - 1
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 07/09/13 3 - 1
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 23/10/12 3 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 14/10/12 3 - 0
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 22/06/12 2 2 - 1
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 22/06/12 2 - 1
JAWA vs Exiled Knights 10/08/09 2 - 0