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One of the greatest responsibilities held by (JAWA) Members is maintaining a safe and pleasant environment on the server as server administrators. Over the history of our clan, dozens of members have stepped forward to take on this responsibility, helping members and guests, answering questions, providing event support, and ensuring that the server rules are observed and applied fairly and justly. All (JAWA) Admins are expected to demonstrate their fitness for appointment by proving that they can be helpful, dispassionate, and use good judgment, and as a consequence our admin corps is one of the finest in the history of Jedi Academy.

Admin Ranks

As of April, 2019, the (JAWA) Server still runs the Jedi Academy Plus server mod, but are using only two of the three possible admin ranks: Full Admin, held by experienced admins and event hosts; Training Admin, held by newer admins not familiar with the commands before moving up to Full Admin.

Recruiting and Training

At this time, new server administrators are recruited by members of the council who oversee the admins and admin training. There is no formal application process, as admin candidates are evaluated based on the council's assessment of the qualities that they possess which might make them suitable for the job. Not every member who expresses interest in admin will fit the clan's needs at a particular time. If you would like to be considered for admin training or an admin trial, you may contact the following Admin Manager, who will discuss your interest, and inform you of whether you will be accepted as an admin candidate, or interviewed for further evaluation.

Full Admin

Council Admin Medal.png


Full admin is granted to admins who have proven themselves worthy of all the admin powers and responsibilities, based on their experience and conduct as a training admin, or previous admin user. They are also available to assist in event-hosting duties, or other official functions.


Full admins possess all of the powers that are available to admins. Refer to our Admin Guide for more information on commands.

Training Admin

Knight Admin Medal.png


Training admin is held by newer admins that are not as familiar with commands, and want to learn so they can move up to a full admin.


Training admins possess all of the powers except the following; ammerc, amempower, and NPC spawn. These 3 commands are available on the event server, so that they can host events or provide admin support for events requiring additional admin powers. Because these powers entail the ability to change the server environment for all players present, they are only granted to those admins who have shown that they are capable and worthy of this additional responsibility, such as our full admins.