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 Aliases: SiLink
 Joined (JAWA): December 2004
 Pathway: Unknown
 Forum Profile: Link
 Skin: Customized Jedi Trainer
 Lightsaber: Unknown
 Quote: Unknown


 League Wins
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After a brief period as a Padawan, on the 25th November 2017, Link decided that the time had come for him to leave the clan altogether.
On the 28th October 2017, Link came out of retirement and was given the Padawan rank by Nightwing.
Link went into retirement on the 21st February 2017
On the 16th August 2014, Link was invited back as a Leader of The (JAWA) Clan. This was done by both Nightwing and Zantos, we look forward to working with him again.
After 8 years, on the 3rd October 2013, Link decided that his time had come to step away from the role of Leader to continue focusing on school and his future. He had passed the torch of sole Leadership to Nightwing after working along side him for over half a year. As Link's last act as Leader, he inducted Nightwing into the (JAWA) Hall of Fame for his hard work, dedication and securing (JAWA)'s future. Link's legacy as a Leader will be remembered as the one who rebuilt (JAWA) when it was near it's final days many years ago, and continued to progress it to new heights and build a community, and a home to many Members. Link received the Lord rank and will act as a Clan Supporter for now.
When Matt vanished, Gage told Link that its unlikely he will be coming back and he should make himself a leader. Eventually Link agreed to this and has been the leader of (JAWA) ever since. This was on the 11th February 2005. When he first wore the rank, it was dark blue just like Matt's leader tag, after about a month he decided to change it to yellow.
Full Member
Link asked Iniowe if he could be possibly ranked up as he had been waiting some time for a rank. Iniowe gave the rank to Link and said something along the lines of "I don't care about this game anymore, it is boring", this was the last time Iniowe was seen. This rank was given to Link around late December.
After some training with Matt, he rewarded his improvements with the rank of Knight around mid December 2005.
Link received the rank of Padawan when he entered the clan around mid December 2004.

Elite Trials


Link joined (JAWA) in mid December of 2004. Coming from a Jedi Outcast background, he was very confused by all the new features that came with Jedi Academy. After going through a few servers, he made his home on ClanWarriors which is where he met a player called Matt. After some time Link asked Matt whether he could join (JAWA) which after some thought, he agreed and took Link on as a student of the staff saber however coming from his Jedi Outcast background, Link was eager to get a hold of a single saber.

Halfway through Link's training, Matt vanished without a trace leaving a clan of around 10 members behind. For weeks members slowly began leaving one by one until eventually Link was the only one left. During this time, Link waited for Matt whilst keeping his tag on however months passed and there was no sign of Matt returning. Eventually Gage (ClanWarriors Founder) told Link that it's likely Matt wasn't coming back and that he should make himself the leader of (JAWA) if he was interested in keeping the clan going.

Link then took his first steps into leadership and started recruiting people, but being a newbie clan leader, he had little to no experience and so the members he recruited did not stay around for very long. Link then took some time off from recruiting to reflect on what he was doing wrong and after a week or so, returned to leadership and recruited some of the clans most loyal members such as Kel, Chrono, Eclipse, Shinobi and Draggy. The clan went on to recruit over 100 members within half a year however the explode of members suddenly became an implosion as Link could not single handedly manage the amount of people in the clan... Because of the poor management, around 70 members left or simply vanished. In December 2005 it was announced by Link that he was closing down (JAWA) due to his failures although at the time he quite childishly put the blame onto others, which he regrets.

A lot happened after the death of the clan, Kel and Draggy made a new clan called Federation of Jawa which recruited a lot of new members as well as bringing some former members back. The newly formed clan was doing quite well however (JAWA)'s relaunch was inevitable. Shocking everyone, Link announced 2-3 weeks later that the clan would make a comeback and that he would avoid making any more silly mistakes like in the past. Federation of Jawa disbanded and was merged into (JAWA) along with its members in January 2006 setting into motion a new more organized era of The (JAWA) Clan.


 Hall of Fame
Link was inducted into the (JAWA) Hall of Fame by Kel on the 26th January 2006 Here is what Kel and others said about Link:

Link is a great guy, he also revived the clan 2 times. He helped me many times, what for I gave him a promess that I wont leave him no matter what and I'll help him in any cause. He's also a person that has a solution almost for everything, he knows how to work in a team, also hes a talented with saber. Without him the clan would not exist. ;)


Linkeh :L Most amazing leader I have ever seen. You're a great guy, nice, patient, and very helpful. Always taking time to help out with the clan :) Thanks for everything Link :)


Well, if I would list all the things he does for us all, there’d be no end to that list.. in fact, if I would try and make a list of all the things he helped me with, I’d be busy a whole weekend I think.. point is, you’re a good leader, a good listener, and a good friend with a wacky sense of humor at times lol :D


Link was the leader of (JAWA) longer than anyone and guided it for many many years. Link without a shadow of a doubt is one of the greatest friends I've made in (JAWA) and is my oldest friend I've known for almost 9 years now as of typing this. He has helped me throughout the years whether it be giving me advice or opportunities to prove myself. If it wasn't for what he told me a long time ago I might not be here today in (JAWA) still contributing and being around. I've made a lot of friends in (JAWA) but they've always ended up leaving due to reasons. But Link has always been there for me through it all. He takes care of his friends and watches out for them and I want to thank you for being one of the greatest friends I've made and for leading (JAWA) for all the years that you did.


GO LINK I CHOOSE YOU!!! lol i'll never forget our epic pokemon battles on MSN or the fact that we named what kind of pokemon most of the members in (JAWA) should be. It's always a riot talking with you even if it is talking about something serious. You bring life to (JAWA) and to those around you. Just keep going through life who you are and people will always want to be around you. WE LOVE YOU DAD!!!


Link,you are the one that keeps this clan alive...i will never forget the laughs i had with you on MSN or In are the one that keeps us Smiling and makes us forget the Real life problems and keeps us happy...I won't imagine The (JAWA) clan without you.


If I tried to name all of Link's accomplishments myself and everyone reading this message would be old, grey, and need a walking stick by the time I was done. Link is a great friend to me and I know that no matter where life takes either of us, I will always remember him as that crazy fellow who basically founded the (JAWA) clan as it is today. He's a person who has an unnecessarily high urge to help others all the time.. (Sometimes at the cost of himself). He deserves a bright and successful future which I know he will have.


Since before I became Leader, Link has always shown what it means to lead. In several years of leadership experience, I have never met anyone quite like Link. His unique personality is known to all of our members and the clan simply wouldn't be the same without him here. Link has done a lot for me since I became Council and leader and I cannot thank him enough for the support he has given me, in (JAWA) and with personal issues. You are truly a great inspiration to all. Thank you.


I remember meeting link in 2006 he was always nice and curtious to me as his right does deserve hof to me he is founder of the JAWA clan I always liked to talk to link if you get to know him he is a good guy to help any1 so I look forward to do many chats with u :) ps link wash ur mouth after kissing a snake its too slimey 4 u to handle!!!!!


 Contribution Award


Why he doesn't already have this is beyond us, but we have decided to award our Leader with the Contribution Award. His drive and dedication has made (JAWA) what it is today. He shows all the qualities of a good leader, and is well deserving of this award 100 times over. Thank you.

-The Council

It comes as no surprise that Link has received one of these before, the last time was for his leadership and all the work that comes with. I wanted to give him another award for his work developing, pushing and making a success out of the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Anniversary Tournament! For those who don't know what this is, it's a big event like our Ladder, but JKJA community wide! The event was a huge success, bringing us closer with members in the extended JKA community. I was going to give him this award at the time, but I felt that I should wait to announce it on our server at the honours. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into developing this tournament, it is no easy feat and to keep the motivation strong when hitting hurdles, is something to be awarded. It never ceases to astound me that when you're passionate about an idea, just how much hard work and elbow grease you put into make it into a success. Thank you again!  I wasn't here when you were given your last contribution award, so it makes me proud to be the one to present another to you.