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The (JAWA) Honours (Formally The (JAWA) Awards) are a yearly feature which was introduced by SiLink in 2007. The idea behind the honours to acknowledge clan members for their hard work. Some of the awards are based on humour and/or specific skills however it is stressed that the honours are completely for fun. Every year around November/December, SiLink gives every clan member a form to fill in which lists all of the honours for that year. So the voting process is confidential, members are asked to PM their nominations to SiLink who counts the votes and reveals the winners just before the new year. "A year" in honour terms is from when the last results were published until the present day, and only current members can be nominated during voting. On the 6th September 2011 the name was changed to honours to avoid confusion with the new Awards page.

 List of (JAWA) Honours

Recruit of the Year


Quite possibly our most prestigious award as it is given to someone who is recognized by other members as making a big impact during their first year in the clan through their contributions. This award can be given ONLY to new (Never joined before) members who joined between the 1st November of the previous year and the 1st November of the current year.

Clan Member of the Year


This is usually given to someone who isn't necessarily new but has improved a lot over the year. An example of this could be someone who suddenly began spending a lot more time around the clan by improving their activity and contributing their time to helping out the clan/other members in general. Another example would be someone who has taken on a lot more responsibilities around the clan that year. Overall, this award is meant to be a bit vague because it is based entirely on your opinion, it can relate to any area of improvement within the clan. Please ensure that the person you vote for is not a council member as they have their own specific award listed below. This award is aimed at an individual who makes it their business to offer their services around the clan as much as possible and someone who constantly tries to suggest new things to help the clan/other people in general.

Council Member of the Year


Much like the above, however this is strictly aimed at council members. You can choose a current or past council member however they must be in the clan at the moment and served within the last year, this does not include clan leaders. This award should be given to a council who has demonstrated a great work ethic and stands out among the rest as someone who is helpful in a big way.

Admin of the Year


An award which recognizes an admin who truly makes an effort to keep the rules enforced on the server through their activity and way of approaching players. Someone who takes the time and effort to explain the rules to a visitor and isn't quick to escalate the situation.

Club Member of the Year


This award is a bit of an anomaly as it is the only award to have choices. How? Well, before the Honours voting takes place, each club manager selects one person from their team to receive the award. These people then get put up for choices as Club Member of the Year. Club managers can also be put up for nomination if the Leader(s) agree.

Comedian of the Clan


Self explanatory, an award that is given to a member who is somewhat of a comedian around the clan (As the name suggests). This could be light humour on the server/forum that is an attempt to make people smile/laugh or dark humour such as innuendos. In short, this is given to someone who makes people laugh a lot around the clan including yourself!

Most Skilled Clan Member


Someone who you consider to be the current best in the clan when it comes to JKA combat and someone who you see win duels/do well in events/FFAs etc often. Almost everyone will have a different view on this, but these are the basic guidelines of the award.

Most Compassionate Clan Member


This is an award for someone who is genuinely kind and caring in the clan and offers support to fellow members. An example would be someone who sits/listens to peoples concerns and offers some advice on some problems they may be having within the clan or in real life.

Skin of the Year


Someone who in your opinion wears the best skin in the clan, they don't necessarily have to had made the skin themselves however they should ideally be known for wearing it for an amount of time. It is advised you view the members page to get an idea of what skins people are wearing so you can make an informed choice.

Most Active Clan Member


A member who makes a lot of effort to visit the server as much as possible even when there aren't many people online, and who is also that person you see on the server and wonder "Have they left since I was here earlier?!". This award (As of 2015) now applies to forum activity as well, for example, someone who is very active on the forums and is someone you see post constantly.

Most Sociable Clan Member


Who in the clan do you see as the most sociable? This person will probably talk a lot whether that mean posting a large amount of posts, speaking to a lot of people and will probably form a lot of connections in the clan through being sociable.

Most Creative Clan Member


This is focused primarily on the thought process side of creativity rather than the practical side, for example someone who sets out to do a lot of skins for people in their own style, someone who might make something for the clan that hasn't been thought of before or someone who keeps surprising you with their unique ideas.

  • All (JAWA) Members must vote. If you fail to vote in the honours then you may be removed from the clan. Please wait until a Leader makes an announcement and gives you the award sheet.
  • You must try your very best to vote unbiased. For example, if you know someone deserves an award but you either don't like them or think your friend would benefit from a vote, then please vote for whoever you honestly think deserves it rather than tactically.
  • You can not vote for yourself.
  • Only members that are on this page when voting opens can be voted for. So if you think e.g. Player_1 deserved an Honour but left before voting began, then I'm afraid you can't vote for that person.
  • Triallists and Retired Members can not vote in the (JAWA) Honours, sorry!
  • Any votes after the deadline will not be counted.