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 Editor Helena Revan
 Associate Editor Wolfy
 Founded 16th July 2006
 Founder SiLink
 Active? Yes
 Previous Members
Aemi, Aya Solari, Bandeth, Chemist, Cole, Crysophylax, Diamond, Doc, TheDoctor, Doom, Dopie, Duncan, Draggy, Dragon, Fire, Fox, Frosty, GoodJawa, Gravitas, IronSkull86, Jasp, Kel, Kobra, Kobra, Lordbell, Lacey, Lostris, Mario, Marti, McFish, Nick00105, Nightwing, Pearl, Qyzen Hunter, Ronny, Redshadow, Runner, SiLink, Sineric, Tao., TC, Vex, Vultax, Walan, Wilkey, Z, Zero, & Zu.
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Current Members



The (JAWA) Post is a monthly newsletter informing members, allies and visitors about current events involving the (JAWA) Clan and its members. Each issue includes clan news, a list of recent promotions, trial results, and new and departing members, Signature of the Week winners, an interview with a member of our community, original fiction, funny screenshots, music videos, and more! Get your copy today!



In the beginning it was a one man job and SiLink made every page with HTML. Later on it became a larger project and was posted in a special section on the forums called The (JAWA) Post in bbcode.

During this change from HTML to bbcode on the forums, SiLink advertised for:

Photographers (Screenshot takers) Article Writers Interviewers

The photographers had the job of getting images of a scene or someone's model if it was about a certain person. E.g. if there was an article about SiLink then the photographer would get a screenshot of the jedi trainer model and possibly place it on the background of what the article is about, e.g. new downloads section, the photographer would get the jedi trainer and put it on an image of the new downloads section.

The article writers wrote about what the story was about in depth.

The interviewers would interview the person it involved, however if it involved the whole clan then the interview would be of anyone random in the clan to see their view on it.

All 3 jobs come together to form a great reading source, sadly due to a lack of help The (JAWA) Post was stopped.

On the 1st May 2010, after a long time of being closed, the (JAWA) Post finally returned to its former glory with fresh new staff members and promising future.