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25th November 2010


Necromancy Activity Found!

Written by Zu
'I'll be back!' Has officialy proven it's true meaning! Today, we're resurrecting JAWA Post again... and again! In the begining, I'd like to thank very much people who spent their time, writing excellent news for your entertainment. In addition newest JAWA Posts will be released not every week, but every two weeks, to not disrupt our humble and modest writers in their real life duties. Without further delay, I give you the NEWS.

The Red Nosed Wookie. Always sticking it in other people’s business…

Written by TC...
Salutations to all short-legged sand people,

From here on out, all of your allied and JKA community news will come through this column written by none other than: The most effectual Top Cat! You all know the drill; we will discuss the comings and goings of our partners as well as interesting developments in the community as a whole. Everyone is welcome to send me information and will be quoted as a source. As a kick off to our brand new re-re-revived (JAWA) Post, let’s talk event…yes, I know you are drooling to know. The Knights reborn will be hosting a hardcore tournament on the 28th of November for all allies and brave-hearted. Activities include ladder-style duel tournaments and TFFA as described right here. Ambassador, Council member and pwnage master Falcon advises all those interested to apply immediately as each clan will get limited server slots. According to Falcon, Kane has received a Master title and stepped down from Arbiter, being replaced by Senbou. On another matter, I asked him about potential threats to KR from rule-breakers and this is what he answered:

"Not so much anymore. In the past I have made a point to contact SiLink, if something did arise in this area. Our "professional lamers" are becoming few and far between these days"

With a statement such as that, I leave myself wondering…what will all our admins do? Ban each other? Read on… I’d like to report on the awesome work getting done by our brand new Ambassador Diamond… the only true saiyan left. He has recently organized a wicked event with our [C]ouncil Allies results of which can be seen here. Speaking of our friends, Feanor tells us their IP has changed so take a stroll on this topic and update your trackers and favorites lists.

I spooked around our Allied forums recently, haunting them for my journalistic (and gossiping) pleasure and found out some inside info. The ludicrously eloquent CoF Ambassador Atra tells us that Mr. V has just made it to Rogue Council so all our best wishes go with him. He also advises all civilized JKA servers to watch themselves for a troll called "veader". Apparently he has been causing some ruckus and should be BoS’d (Banned on sight). Our companion Atra states and I quote:

"no aliases, always comes in under the same name - usually in black & red or only red letters - he talks trash about us & about pretty much anyone who gets in his crosshair - lames too...the whole list oh and banning him doesn’t help, he keeps coming back"

So the trolls are still out there! Good to know. *Breathes heavily as all admin jobs are secured. I hope you enjoyed the read and feel more informed. Remember you may request or deliver information for this column by private message on the JAWA forums or any allied site. I wish our collaborators the best and I leave a very happy birthday to AoF Leader, IrishDragon who’s just got older in November.

Happy Birthday IrishDragon

Forum Overview: The letters

Written by Z

For those forum-addicted JAWAs out there who wondered what to do after seeing the forums not work for more than a full day and even for those who do not check the forums every 5 seconds: think of a forum section or a sub-forum that you never, or rarely visit. Got it? Great. Now take a look in there and browse through some of the topics. Didn't like it? Er... I never said that it will be worth your time... With that being said, let's start finding out about things that happen in our forums, what topics are worth your while and what are just so insane that you have to see them. Since the forums are always changing end evolving, I can't possibly cover everything. But that also means that I will always have something to write about.

Recently, Valis has gone on an updating spree, during which he has added quite a few parts to his Reskinning Tutorials topic. His guides explain every process of skinning in a very detailed manner and they also contain a lot of pictures, which help to clarify things. These tutorials might be the reason why many members are starting to try reskinning themselves.

If you want to get better at dueling, learn different fighting methods to slap the parts you need onto your own style, or just know how some of your enemies might fight, then you should read Mendel's freshly-posted Tsuuro Ryu JKA fighting guide. Seeing as it's fairly long, you should spare a considerable amount of time and coffee before opening that topic.

For those JKA players who'd like to be captured on film, an opportunity has presented itself to you. A user called Metaguardian has come to us, looking for actors in his Jedi Academy machinima project. It seems that most scenes for his project have already been filmed, except for the large group ones, that require about 15, or more people.

Not too long ago opened sub-forum's Other Forum Games' popularity seems to have increased lately. The most simple reason behind it is, that it offers exactly what the sub-forum is called – all sorts of forum games that can take your mind off certain things and let you relax or offer you the excitement of switching gears inside your brain as you try to figure out something in a more complicated game. From simple Music Rating Game, where you rate the song in the latest post and then post your own, to the brain-frying Riddle game, where you try to guess the last riddle left by someone and post your own riddle, if you happen to get the answer right. That sub-forum has it all. And if you think it doesn't, then fix that mistake by creating a game that you think it's missing now!

// Shameless plug:

Also not so long ago, in the same sub-forum, a forum game called Let's play Fate/stay night (again) has, as you can see from it's title, restarted. It restarting does not mean everything will be the same, on the contrary – everything will be different! The point of that forum game happens to watch a video after every few days or so, in which the story moves on. After most videos, there are choices to be made. And that requires input from the players: they'll vote on what course of action the main character should do and the choice with most votes wins. It's also allowed and even encouraged to just talk about general things regarding that game's world or story. The story of it includes plenty of fighting, character development, unexpected twists and turns, amusing scenes and even detailed scenes of cooking!

Aemi's Language. The guitar's owner

Written by Aemi
Aemi: Hello Valis, how are you doing today?

Valis: I'm good. How about you? :D

Aemi: I'm fine, thank you very much. It has been a couple of days now since you've joined the JAWA Council. How is it coming along?

Valis: Its going good i guess :P. I already did a few 'council things' in these few days, like suggesting and making some topics/posts

Aemi: Awesome. When they gave you the message, were you very surprised that they picked you?

Valis: Too be honest. Half :P. When we arrived on the academy6 map we were only with a small amount of people, and when Link mentioned the word council, i somehow knew i had a big chance. Dunnno why, i just did :-O

Aemi: Haha, that's very true too. A day earlier, Link cancelled the promotion ceremony due to some squad trainings. Did he already make you nervous there?

Valis: Yeah haha i got a bit excited when he mentioned it on that day and we already cancelled the training by that time, but then he all of sudden disconnect and i was like: was it my fault?!

Aemi: Everyone seemed to have that same reaction. It was kind of funny though.

Valis: Kind of :P

Aemi: Heh. May I ask, what were your main reasons for becoming a council member?

Valis: Oh this is going to sound really cliché....

Aemi: I love clichés. ;)

Valis: To help the clan with everything i can

Aemi: Well, that's a noble goal, and a good one!

Valis: Yet still cliché!. I'm probably not the first one who has said that

Aemi: That would surprise me too. :P Have you got any things which you would like to accomplish in the period you're serving as a council?

Valis: I want to see the members happy. What i was thinking of doing was approaching some members over time to ask if they would like to see any 'change'. And what that would be. Then i would try and give that a shot if its a good thing to work out. I'd do everything for a happy face :D I already have done this too 1 person and i might actually 'give it a shot' sometime to work it out.

Aemi: Sounds like a plan! We'll be looking forward to it.

Valis: Thanks

Aemi: As a last question, is there anything you want to tell our readers?

Valis: I would like to thank everyone in JAWA who has been so kind to me ever since i joined!. I feel really happy that i get told i'm a nice, helpful, and supportive guy :D. Feels like home!

Aemi: Awesome, thank you for your time! Have a nice evening! Maakt nix uit. Thanks.

Valis: You as well!

New Members



Mav (Padawan)
Zarrn (Jedi)
Duster-Man (Jedi)
Doom (Adept)
Kit Mitsu (Padawan)

Admin Promotions

Draggy (High Level Admin)
Edgar (High Level Admin)
Jasp (High Level Admin)
Wolfy (High Level Admin)
Diab (High Level Admin)



"'Did I hit it'?"
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