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15th May 2010


They Keep On Rolling In!

Written by Tao.
As the title aptly implies, we have had a steady influx of Ambassadors and Server Admins in the past week. It’s CRAZY! Never in my entire time in (JAWA) have I seen so many Ambassadors hard at work. Well… hard at work isn’t the correct phrase, more like potential work and for all you physics buffs, you know exactly what I mean. The Ambassador is an important job. Myself being one, I have had the privilege to work and communicate with many clans. Some aren’t so nice, and some are just fantastic. My question is… are the current Ambassadors up for the job. Lately, we haven’t had very many Clan Matches. The Council has tried to take it up in their own hands, but with so many things needed to be done, as well as personal life, we just don’t have the amount of time required. That’s where the Ambassadors pick up, but they haven’t been doing much.

I have to give a special shout out to TC. Within a few days of his promotion, he already sets up a pre-determined time and place for the clan match against Elite Jedi Academy. That is the initiative we all, myself including, need to exemplify. On the other hand, we have the Server Admins; curators of the server, they are responsible with upholding the rules and regulations set in place by SiLink and the Council. So far, there hasn’t been much trouble but I have no doubt in my mind that our new Server Admins are up for the job. As a closer, I would like to Congratulate all of the promotee’s for this week. You all deserve the job and I hope you will make The Council, and ultimately the clan, proud.

An Introduction to Fallen

Written by Vultax & Runner
"A clan called Fallen has recently been started by its founder True King and some of its former members. Originally Fallen was started in 2003 but was disbanded shortly after, it was then started again in 2007 but disbanded due to low activity from its members in early 2009. Now Fallen is back and has a new website, and server which is starting to grow in popularity. I have known some of Fallen's older members since I started playing 2003, as an ambassador for JAWA I would like to ask you all to pop onto Fallen's server and get to know some of the members. You can visit the website here, thank you for taking the time to read this." Written by Runner

Monday May 10th. JAWA fought bravely in a TFFA against the clan Fallen and came out victorious in a battle that ended 2 - 1. The first round was close with Helena TC and Cole taking on Oziris Beat a Jarake with both teams fighting bitterly over the 30 frags needed for their team to clinch the win. In the end Fallen won with JAWA close behind with 27 frags.

The second match saw TC and Cole being substituted for Vultax and Edgar, as Fallen now had a new player YoJimbo, JAWA took Diamond onto their side to make the teams even. This round was to end when the first team reached 40 and though this round wasn't as close as the previous one, it was still a challenge and a lot of fun, with JAWA winning and Fallen behind on 25.

With the third round came a big change of participants and the teams were now, Helena SiLink KaAN and Steha-Hasta for JAWA and Osiris Beat Element and Myth for Fallen. Once again JAWA ended up victorious with the score line 40/30.

It was a great match and we hope to fight Fallen again in the future as they have been some good competition and very polite in all our meetings.

To view the results, check the Clan Matches section!

Forum Roleplay Overview: Chapter 2

Written by Geek

This week, like before, I'll be giving you a recap of the Forum Role Play. We continue our recap adventures on Chapter 2. Our band of heroes set off to Nar Shaddaa to find the information broker, Jared Ventrus. During the journey, they take the time to learn about each other, and practice a bit on their skills. Upon arrival, they meet with a Rodian musician who takes them to Ventrus. After a few minutes of arguing prices for the information, most of the group leaves to allow the Jedi to discuss the deal with him. After finally giving up trying to argue, the information broker tells them what they want. They learn that a former-high ranking Imperial named Tarkusis is funding the raiders, and is stationed in the Ankus system. Soon after the information is given, trouble strikes. A gunship filled with raiders flies up to the office tower and begins unloading raiders onto inside. The Jedi, Ventrus, his aide, and the droid, HK-F11 try to fend them off, trying to back their way to the elevator. Soon after the gunship was spotted, the rest of the group come back up to the office, and fight off the rest of the raiders. The gunship is damaged and crashed to the streets below. While they breathe a sigh of relief, they realize that many of their group are wounded. They attempt to rush to the nearest hospital, but are stopped by a Mutant Trandoshan, that was inside the gunship. The beast begins to charge at the group, but it is subdued using an electro-net. During this event, they meet a Kel-Dor healer, and his Trandoshan pilot. They take the group to their ship to heal the group's wounds. They then begin to discuss their next plan of action.

If you want to read the chapter in detail, check the "Writers Corner" section of the Forums! Sign-ups for the RP are currently closed, but if you are interested, please send a PM to Geek, via JAWA forums.

Wilkey's SiLink's Weekly Words #3: Geek

Written by SiLink
SiLink: Hello Geek, I am filling in for Wilkey this week as he has to be elsewhere. I believe it only makes sense that this weeks interview be with one of the newest council members. How are you today?

Geek: Pretty good, just taking it easy today. How are you?

SiLink: I ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE *Sleeper hold* :L Nah I'm fine thanks for asking.

SiLink: Let's start off with your past, what were you doing before you become a (JAWA) member?

Geek: Well, I was Co-Leading the KoH JKA division for about... 6 months maybe

SiLink: Were you ever tempted to join (JAWA) whilst in Knights of Honor?

Geek: Hmm... probably once, when a majority of the active members left KoH for JAWA. But I felt that the KoH JKA division still had a chance, and decided to stick around and try and build it back up.

SiLink: On Thursday you became a council member alongside Celkath, you are probably the quickest member to rise up the ranks. How did it feel and were you expecting it?

Geek: Well, as you said during the ceremony, you did mention something about how I would be good for it or something to that effect in the past. I did remember that, but I really had no idea it would be so soon. So I was shocked and honored at the same time :L

SiLink: What do you have to say to those who thought you became a council member too quickly?

Geek: Hm... well, I guess all I can really say is, if Link, (you, incase if you forgot >_>) didn't think I was ready, then I wouldn't have been chosen right?

SiLink: I could of been drunk

Geek: It's a possibility. :L

SiLink: I don't drink *watery eyes and awkward hug*

Geek: Oh...kay...

SiLink: Okay, as you know Wilkey does this little random quiz at the end of his interviews and I'll try to continue that right now. Please close your internet browser and reply within 7 seconds (To avoid cheating). Understood?

Geek: understood :D

SiLink: Helena was the 35th Council Member. What was Podoplovik? (You can be incorrect by 3 places e.g. if you say 18 and it's 21 then you'll get the point)

Geek: uh uh uh .... 30?

SiLink: INCORRECT 0/4 it was 12.

Geek: oh wow. okay :D

SiLink: Matt was one founder, who was the other?

Geek: inowe (spelling?)

SiLink: Iniowe, but I'll accept :L.. 1/4!

Geek: yay

SiLink: How many articles/pages are there on the Wiki? (You can be incorrect by 200)?

Geek: hm.. 2011?

SiLink: 2021, very very close and within 200! 2/4!

SiLink: Who was the 43rd Council Member?

Geek: zu?

SiLink: Incorrect, IT WAS YOU! Lol!

Geek: HA


SiLink: Thank you for taking the interview :L You may go now *releases cage*

Geek: Alrighty, thanks Link :D

New Members



Celkath (Knight)
Celkath (Council)
Geek (Council)
Just Another Guy (Disciple)
NorthStar (Adept)
TC... (Adept)

Admin Promotions

Valis (High Level Admin)
Diab (New Admin!)
Geek (New Admin!)
Proxy (New Admin!)

New Ambassadors




"Rejected council member applicants give up on the world"
By NitRzr

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