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10th June 2012


Zu's Cave. Just another day.

Written by Zu

Welcome! Welcome, everyone, to our newest JAWA Post release. As always, bringing you fresh news directly from our virtual society, our allies and all random things happening... RANDOMLY. Even if this issue is according to the May, we simply can't ignore the fact that the Euro 2012 started few days ago, giving great entertainment to all fans of football. Lots of emotions and screams, popcorn eaten and cola drunk and most importantly, cheers for our national teams. As summer is nearly here, we can already say that the spring has been really hot, suprisingly so in some cases. But I'm sure that no weather can kill the mood of Euro for most people. I'm not a fan of football myself, but it is surely an event worth at least one evening spent in front of the TV, watching your national team fighting for prestige. Meanwhile, in JAWA, we've survived another month of shared joy, fun and friendship. Lets hope that it stays as it is, or at least becomes greater and greater ^^. Since we've opened recruitment, we've got a lot of new faces to enjoy together with our family, for another few years.

Out of another barrel, here's a riddle for you:

1+1 = ?

This should consume your time for another hour. Meanwhile, enjoy the Post ^^

Dopie's Intel: Allies, allies.

Written by Dopie
Alliance news.png

Hey folks! Dopie here to bring you the latest and greatest of our allies in this month’s Alliance News! If you recall, the month of May is always troublesome, as people are finishing up school and getting their summer plans in order, so this month may seem shorter than most – but I expect June to have a rise in activity from our nearby brethren.

First, we’ll look at the group that calls themselves the Angels of Fire. Regarding clan news, AoF didn’t have much to share in May, as they have a couple of possible new recruits, but in the way of clan news, it seems rather quiet. However, the clan did celebrate the ever-popular Star Wars Day, like so many of us did, and there was a bit of a surprise when new member WalkingCarpet made the announcement that he had proposed to his long-time girlfriend after 6 years. The clan gave warm reception to the news, and we at (JAWA) wish him the best on his journey to the wedding.

Also during the month of May, (JAWA) & AoF had a Valis Event on May 19th. The event was around 2 hours long and was very exciting. Yours truly came out on top several times, along with AoF Member Matoro! We thank AoF for joining us on the Valis Hunt and look forward to more events in the near future!

As we travel over to the CoF Clan, we can see that they had a recent server change as well as a few celebratory birthday posts on the forums. The new IP is:, our records here at (JAWA) should have a newly updated IP for CoF. Not much else has happened in May for CoF, and we look forward to more from then in June.

We’ll head over to the Council Clan to see what’s happening. Very similar to CoF, Council has been quiet within its ranks, with no major announcements – however they are working to form an Alliance with AoF. We are very thankful that (JAWA)’s allies are able to come together and form bonds of their own, but we’ll touch base on that a bit later. Good luck to both Council & AoF in their alliance forming.

Within the Knights Reborn we can see that they’ve welcomed back 2 former members into the KR ranks: Tricky, who returns as a "Student" and Necros as the rank of "Master." They were both welcomed back by Jedi Council member Falcon. We were able to get a comment from Jedi Master Necros:

Thanks a bunch you guys, means a lot to me to be welcomed back with such open arms. Looking forward to seeing you all on server again real soon.

(JAWA) wishes them both all the best as they return to their home in KR.

Finally, we venture forth to the Allied Force Lords, to see what’s shaking in the month of May. AFL has kept quiet, but has shown great interest coming onto our server as our newest ally, and has put on notice that they dig (JAWA) Events. As of right now, Shadow is brewing a siege event with AFL that should take place sometime in June, so we’ll report on that more in the next issue! Also, on a side note – KR has introduced themselves on the AFL Forums, so there could be a possible Alliance forming in the near future. Stay tuned!

Now that we’ve reached the end of the Alliance News, I will touch base on the recent (JAWA) Ally Open Tournament. The tournament had a great turnout, with representatives from all the clans. Many upsets, great matches and some same clan matches happened, and the event turned out great. It came down to [AoF]Vultax vs. our very own (JAWA)Robin, with Robin taking the victory – you can find more information on our JAWA-Wiki. That’s all for this month folks, this is your news reporter

Dopie – signing off.

Lacey's corner: Relena Heven!

Written by Lacey
Jedi zf a1.PNG

The Member of the Issue


This month I believe the clan member I have chosen really deserve to be mentioned for their effort they put into the clan.

First of is Helena Revan. She has been in the clan since earlier 2007 and has worked hard since then working her way up to Council in early 2008. She is fantastic at all aspects of what she does. Always very pleasant towards members and visitors enquires and go above and beyond to help in whatever way she can. I feel that she needs to know how great she is and how other people feel about her.

"These words I consider to suit Councillor Helena just right: She is patient and kind, and a lovely teacher and council member. She always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and I have never seen her angry. I'm very glad to be in the same glad as she." –Zoe Carter

"Helena is one of the kindest members of Jawa. She is always going out of way for the clan and its members. She is always willing to listen and talk to members about their troubles or listen to their thoughts on various amounts of topics. I always known her to be a friendly person even during my days with RGD, I am honoured to be able to call her my friend." –Zarrn

"I'd say Helena is easily the most contributing member this clan has ever seen, that includes myself. Whilst the clan has got to where it is today through everyone’s hard work over the years, she is undoubtedly the driving force behind that group. I'd like to thank her (as I have many times) for her hard work. She's underappreciated in my view, although she'll hate me saying that." –Si Link

"I believe Helena puts a lot of effort into the JAWA clan. Even though myself and her butt heads from time to time, I know she thinks she is doing what is best for the clan. I wish her the best of luck in her JAWA career." -Crysophylax

Here are some words from Helena herself.

"Before I joined (JAWA), I had a rather negative opinion of clans and their members. On the other servers I'd joined, people with clan tags always seemed to be rather unpleasant, standoffish, or bullies. They were very juvenile, and I'd never belonged to any organization like a clan. The few friends I made weren't in clans, and they seemed to share the opinion that most people with clan tags were trolls. I didn't think any clan would be a good fit for me.

"One day, I couldn't stand the server where I was playing, as a new mod was installed full-time. So I went looking for a new server, and when I saw (JAWA) tags in the server list, I thought I'd look for Garion, whom I'd met a few times. He'd seemed friendly enough. When I got to (JAWA), Garion wasn't around, and I was disoriented by the idea of FFA. I didn't understand the concept of dueling for points, and couldn't see the point in just hanging around talking and occasionally fighting. But I stayed and met some interesting people, who were all pretty friendly to me.

"It didn't take me long to decide that it was a nice place. People like Caelum and Drako were friendly to me, and even though I'd never put any effort into dueling, I had trained with the lightsaber during TFFA's and CTF's, so I was good enough to fight with most of the people I met. It was also strange not having weapons or the Force turned on, but I adjusted. One day, I asked Kel Born, who was one of the clan leaders, if I could have a pistol, and he let me. In gratitude, I wrote his name on the wall!

"Being in a new place, surrounded by strangers, and playing by rules completely different from the ones you're used to, can be very intimidating. But the people at (JAWA) made me feel welcome, and over the next few months taught me many new skills, mostly just because I asked. Mario even let me participate in clan matches, since I was always around and willing to help. After a long time of refusing to consider joining, despite many people asking if I would, I felt like I had to give clan life a try. I didn't really expect to be accepted, but when I told Mario how I felt, he got me a membership poll. I spent a nervous afternoon talking to Jasp about music, and then learned I'd been accepted! It was a moment I'd never imagined, but it was a great way to begin my (JAWA) career!"

I am sorry Helena I did have to trick you, otherwise you wouldn't have written this.

Wolfy's Forest: Derpie!

Written by Wolfy

Wolfy: Hey Dopie, how are you ?

Dopie: Hello Wolfy, I'm doing well. Just finished up a full week of work and now I'm spending the morning doing house chores and waiting for the mrs to wake up. It's been a fun week :)

Wolfy: Great ! Could you please tell us your name, age and location ?

Dopie: Alright. My name is Bruce, i'm 26 years old and I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wolfy: So, you've been in (JAWA) for about 6 months now, how do you feel about your experience in the clan ?

Dopie: Yeah, it's been a fun 6 months thus far. Quite a different experience now from when I joined. Starting out brand new and just getting to know everyone, and then settling in. Now I've got a full plate of responsibilities and enjoying every moment that I'm able to contribute to the clan, and just play the game with friends.

Wolfy: You've been awarded a lot of things, for example winning the participation award, reaching as far as #1 in the Super 20, being an admin and an event planner. So, as for the two last things, what are your motivations to keep doing those jobs ?

Dopie: My motivation is that I'm helping a place that I've come to grow, love and appreciate. The work load is very managable and I don't find it terribly difficult to just contribute. Recently becoming an Event Planner, I look forward to putting on events for all to come and enjoy, because thats what JAWA is to me. A haven of good times and great friends.

Wolfy: I can't wait for this, I'm sure you'll do great as an admin and an avent planner !You're organizing, very soon, a TeamSpeak Meet'n'Greet event. What is it exactly, and how would you convince members to join it ?

Dopie: That is correct.. *drum roll* The TeamSpeak Meet n' Greet! What it will be (hopefully), is a continious event that gives people the opportunity to utilize our TeamSpeak and forge new friendships and meet new people that they haven't ever communicated with before. Hearing someones voice can be just as new and exciting as seeing them on the JKA server for the first time. I would hope people would join just for the pure curisosity of what will be going on, and the chance of maybe finding out more about our fellow JAWA-comrades.

Wolfy: Now, I'm sure all the readers would like to know what Dopie does in his spare time, except playing JKA.

Dopie: Well, in my spare time if I'm not working at my job or playing JKA, I submerge myself in photoshop and usually dubstep/dnb music. Allows me to be creative and I really enjoy the art I can make, when I'm really into it. I also enjoy World of Warcraft, StarCraft2 as far as other games go, and spending time with my wife is always a blast. She puts up with me :3

Wolfy: Ha ha, alright, now we'll bring back a very old tradition... *drum roll* A small (JAWA)-Related quizz ! Basically, this is a quizz about the clan in general. You'll be asked to answer under 10 seconds in order to prevent cheating. Ready ?

Dopie: Yeah, I'm ready. Let's do this !

Wolfy: How many Disciples are there in (JAWA) currently ? You can get incorrect by one, e.g if you say 31 and it's 32, you get the point.

Dopie: 10

Wolfy: Correct ! 1 point !

Dopie: Yeah !

Wolfy: Next question :Who is the last current member in the alphabetical order ?

Dopie: Zu ?

Wolfy: Right again ! 1 point ! Onto the next question : Who was the 32nd Council member ?

Dopie: Helena Revan ? <3

Wolfy: Wrong ! It was Kirby ! Helena is the 36th .

Dopie: Ah, that fluffy little guy..

Wolfy: I'm sure he'll appreciate ! Onto the next question : How many WikiJawa pages are there currently ? You can get incorrect by 100.

Dopie: Um, 3,000 ?

Wolfy: More ! The answer was 4,412 as I'm asking this question. Last question : Who's currently #3 on the Super 20 ?

Dopie: um... THAT'S ME!!

Wolfy: Correct ! That makes you 3/5. Thank you for answering all those questions, Dopie !

Dopie: Thank you, furry-one

Wolfy: *frees him from chains* You may go :L

Dopie: lsdkfjslad;kfjsd - *runs away*


's meme. YES!

Made by Walan

New Members

Zoe Death Kill


Gravitas Jedi
Cebi Padawan
RubberKat Adept
Robin Knight
Berserker Padawan
Lostris Knight
Duster-Man Disciple
Jasp Disciple
DarthRevan Padawan
Tao. Adept

Admin Promotions

RubberKat Server Admin
Runner Server Admin
Dopie Event Admin
Pearl Server Admin



"Double the Zu, double the.. what?"
By Zu


"This is from where Link spawns."
By Zu


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