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17th February 2011


Diamond's playground. It's out!.

Written by Diamond
Good day to all of the sand creatures here on Tatooine! I hope you got yourselves some warm clothes on, 'cause it sure is cold out here (yes, even Tatooine has its winter season)! I hope everyone stays safe in this season, happy Carnival and Valentine's Day! Much love to everyone! And now on to the big business.

There have been significant changes this month, here in the (JAWA) Clan. First of all, the admin system has been fully re-established. The changes occur mainly in the qualifications for an admin. An admin must be active and must have experience. To support this phase, the councilors have decided to host admin school again. From now on, Helena Revan and Zu will be the new teachers of admin school. Also, admin school will provide additional help to admins, to improve their knowledge. This will lead to admin promotions, where admins get more powers.

In addition to this, the application forum has been changed. From now on, there will be four sub-forums in the application category. Only one is visible to non-members, and that's for applying to become a member of (JAWA). The other three consist of Elite Trials, Ambassador positions, and Admin positions. These are only visible to members, and have their own specific requirements for applying. Please note, this subject hasn't been finished, and is still being discussed by the council.

Further news, as we all know. (JAWA) School was pretty much silent the past few weeks. A lot of trainings were cancelled, because of personal reasons (teachers couldn't attend). The Headmaster position has been passed from Aemi to Zu. Helena Revan closed the ceremony with a beautiful speech. Helena, we all owe you a lot — For the trainings every Friday, and for being here with us, and always being prepared to give someone a hand when needed. I don't think we all can thank you enough for all your splendid work as Headmistress of (JAWA) School. Good luck to you, Zu, I'm sure you will do a great job, like all the headmasters before you. We all will support you when needed, and I'm sure you will be there for us.

In other news, Ivanova has been busy with a project, or at least I call it a project, because I bet this took hours and hours of dedication, stress, and sweat to finally — almost — complete it. I'm of course talking about the member page profile pictures, which most of us know about. Ivanova has been busy creating avatars out of the base and custom skins for the (JAWA) clan since the beginning of January, and is almost done with them. This is why she received a Contribution Award. Very well deserved, Ivanova, and keep up the good work. Thanks a lot for your dedication, and please don't push yourself too far at moments. Take deep breaths, and surely you will finish soon.

And now, to forum games! Thanks a lot, Helena, for hosting an awesome Sith Game. Through difficult times, where trust and lies tried to overcome each other; where villagers were desperate to find more clues, and tried their best to unmask the Sith. The Sith Game started quite abruptly. The Sith made their first step, and started killing the villagers immediately. But the Jedi knew what was coming. It came to a point where the Sith team depended on a single man, who thought and used strategy to cause the roles to change. From there it was all downhill for the Jedi, and in the end the Sith won. Good game, everyone. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Some days after The Sith Game XI finished, Geek took his place as Game Master for the Sith Game XII. There are still a few open spots left. Sign up if you are into some epic role playing, and solving mysteries.

The Red Nosed Wookie. Always sticking it in other people’s business…

Written by TC...

Salutations to all short-legged sand people!

It is I, the red-nosed wookie, grabbing your chest, even if you are a guy or a droid… democracy now and always. I’m here today to talk about an awesome event that happened on our server this month: The famous, illustrious, hilarious, terrifying... (JAWA) League Ally Tournament. During this traditional event, Jawas host their long-standing allies for a grueling duel tournament, plus all the events of our usual beloved league.

This wookie was at the last league, where he had a fifteen-minute death match with blademaster Landon of AoF, so believe him when he says: the duel tournament really tingles your insides more than the triple-stacker you had for lunch. I talked to a few Jawas and allies about their experience in this eighth league, so I’ll guide you guys through the atmosphere the best I can. Expectations were high before the tournament, as a promotion ceremony was hosted just before, causing the schedule to run tightly. Leader SiLink and Council member Helena did their best to quickly organize the main server for the battles, and the events server to act as a player reserve.

Helena talks us through:

Well, a lot has been said about Jedi Academy being a dying game. But for all that, we had several different clans that were able to send full teams, or very nearly so. As in the past, some teams had more trouble than others, but really we didn't have any problems like we did a couple of years ago, when an entire team didn't show up, and then sent a team composed entirely of substitutes half an hour late. So in terms of participation, I think things turned out really well. Some clans send only their best duelists. That's to be expected, although our clan tends to include a mixture of experienced and newer fighters.

After the players were organized and the roster was set, players got to talk a little and socialize. The competitive spirit was all around without losing the fun. As KR’s Falcon quite elegantly put it:

It had a serious atmosphere to it, but there were people having fun, joking around too.

The matches started in burning mood with the Council Clan quickly showing that it had come to win. Our Jawas did very well and fought their absolute best, but special compliments go to our mighty Helena Revan, who got the furthest in the tourney while fighting ferociously through heavy competitors. Diamond, SiLink, Zu, Vultax, Bandeth, FdGod and Ivanova all did splendid fights.

Link: They all did great but of course Helena really battled through a lot of people and got really close to the end, she did awesome that day.

From the beginning of the fights, the eighth open league was dominated by the Council Clan. None of our Jawas got past them and the final match was decided between two of their members. All the other team had first-class fighters, who proved that years of experience in a game can lead to very interesting confrontations.

Diamond: AoF Verlathor and [C] Drak impressed me the most, both of them knew what they were doing, and were absolutely great in their own styles. I remember Verlathor using Staff ( if i'm correct ^.^) he countered almost every hit of his opponent, and switched between blue/yellow exactly at the right moments. Drak on the other hand, is a great single saberist. He switched between styles when you least expected it.

Helena: Of course, as usual the teams with the most experienced duelists dominated. The Council Clan had a very formidable team, and took three of the four places in the semifinals. They've been very strong in the last two tournaments. All of the Council Clan was pretty tough. SF did quite well, but I'd say that Drak and Redeemer were the strongest fighters in the tournament, and that's why they made the final. I don't know the CoF and KR teams as well, but AoF sent a very strong team, too. Kagome, Verlathor, and Novus'Olm are all first-class fighters.

As in all long events, distractions can happen and few amongst the people I talked to could remember the details of the fight between SF and Drak. But I can tell you that it was an incredible one, and that Drak has one of the most well developed red styles I’ve ever seen (from fighting him in the server). It’s good to know our allies are still interested in playing the game at this level of excellence and behavior. Jawa will continue to host such events and consolidate all-time champions of JKA. A big cheer for Silink and Helena for hosting, to [C] Drak for obtaining victory (his second), and to all the previous champions: Hail (JAWA) Mario Hail Renegade Slim Hail KoH/(JAWA) Shadow Hail [C] Socke Hail (JAWA) Jack Hail [C] Ose Hail to all the fighters for keeping the game alive and for fighting fair! Writing from empire-dominated Kashyyyk, TC over and out.

Link's diary. The pantsless.

Written by SiLink

SiLink: Hello Zantos, how are you today :L?

Zantos: I'm fine, how're you today?

SiLink: I'm wonderful thanks for asking ;D

SiLink: You left JAWA around October/November, what were the reasons for leaving?

Zantos: I sort of got bored on JKA and wanted to focus more on college. Plus I was still getting over my illness.

SiLink: When you're not playing on the server/talking on the forums... what does Zantos do for fun :L?

Zantos: I go to the gym and I go running and enjoy the odd game of Wow ;D

SiLink: What are you studying in college and what would you like to do as a career when you leave?

Zantos: Studying Public services because I didn't feel like doing another year of proper academic work and Im looking into either University to do criminology but they're raising student loans so I might join the RAF as a Police officer when I'm 21 and try to get into their version of CID (CSI ;D)

SiLink: Will you get to wear any cool uniforms :L?

Zantos: I know you have to wear a sky blue shirt.. at some point

SiLink: No pants?

Zantos: Non at all like.. suit trousers <.<

SiLink: Now you've come back to JAWA, what are the reasons? Do you like to see lots of new faces or are you one of those who likes seeing just older faces?

Zantos: Generally prefer seeing older faces but its always nice to see new ones. The reasons are probably because Im not ill and my mind is more clear, as it caused depression and personally issues so I wasn't myself.

SiLink: Have you got a message all our JAWA Post readers ;D?

Zantos: ****s

SiLink: Thank you for your time Zantos :L


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"Murder scene. The armless raddish."


"The face.. I can still see you.."
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