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2nd May 2012


Zu's Cave: the summer.

Written by Zu

Welcome, welcome!

Come here and buy! Come big, come small!

Yes, yes, dear people, our JAWA Store has somehow been refreshed! Why don't you come in, and buy yourself a flashy mousepad with your beloved JAWA logo? Or a cute teddy bear? Anything your inner child ever desired is right here! Find it all here: The (JAWA) Store

Moving the business aside, we are slowly welcoming summer in our houses. Lots of hot days, refreshing jumps into the pool, tons of favourite ice cream (GINGERBREAD FOR THE WIN!), and many more of the attractions that summer offers. Even if it's still spring, it was over 30 degrees Celsius over here. That's nuts!

Our clan is flourishing this time of the year; activity has increased a lot, and the server is overflowing with people clashing their lightsabers, chatting, having fun, and participating in events. Events... yes, the Super20 that Knightmare introduced is a very nice and interesting way of keeping your skills sharp.

JAWA School will soon introduce you to a progression bar on your wiki profile, that will help keep track of your learning. Now, just as in real life, you'll be able to graduate and earn your diploma! Many courses are currently being developed to give you the best means of improving your combat and other skills, including those required for different game types, like CTF or TFFA. Along with the private teaching that is running well - see The JAWA School Board - you'll finally be able to put your skills to the test, and see what you're missing.

* devours a piece of a cake *

As you may already know, after the last clan meeting, Link brought us up to date with various issues either being worked on, or already in progress. For instance, the list of jobs that the Council does (now you won't blame them for doing nothing! xD).

Ahhh... It's 10 a.m. and I'm writing this. I SHOULD STILL BE SLEEPING.

Have a nice read, and enjoy the fun.

Dopie's Intel: We, They.

Written by Dopie
Alliance news.png

Greetings readers!

It’s that time again! (JAWA) Alliance News coming at ya!

Starting at the top of the list, we’ll pay a visit over to our dear friends, the Angels of Fire. For the month of April, our brethren experienced heavy losses from notable individuals within the clan: Aries, Eyrnu, & Feast.

From Aries’ leaving post: “I will truly miss hanging out with everyone here, and to those of you who have become more then just my JKA friend, I truly hope our friendship can continue.”

From available records, Aries first became part of the AoF Community in September, 2005 and has had a long standing relationship with the clan. Members like IrishDragon, Leonheart, & Kes Kes Jaada have left their goodbyes, as he will surely be missed from the clan. For all the departing members, we wish them luck in their future endeavors.

On a lighter note, Initiate Hawk has taken his first step toward knighthood, becoming Kodin's apprentice. Many congratulations were shared, and Hawk expressed great interest in his new master: “Once I get home from Hollywood, I will endeavor to meet and exceed Master Kodin’s expectations. Thanks to all of you.”

Finally, AoF has decided to deploy an RSS feed system. Implemented by Apollonios & Novus, the RSS feed will provide up-to-date news on AoF & more! Here's part of the announcement:

“Novus and I discussed the idea of putting together a 'desktop deployment system' of news and updates. This post is the result of our conversation.

"What I will discuss here is a RSS feed. What is a RSS feed? RSS feeds allow you to receive the latest updates from whatever sources you use to obtain your news. AoF now has a RSS feed. The information for this feed is gathered from the News forum in the Holonet (the same stuff you see in the portal.)

"Everything should be fully functional. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions with the feed, please let me know so the issue can be addressed appropriately."

Feel free to visit the AoF forums for more details!

Scoping out the Concordance of Fealty, activity has been light, with a few birthday posts and miscellaneous events. Our beloved leader Link visited their forums, and informed them of the upcoming Ally Open Tournament. Several members indicated their interest. Also, early in the month, CoF experienced a web-server upgrade, and was relocated to a more stable box. They suffered minimal downtime.

The Council Clan was greeted with a bit of sad news in early April, as Rewel decided to step down from his position as SCL. The news came as a shock to the members, as Rewel has been part of the clan's leadership for some time. However, after discovering his reasons for stepping down, the members quickly researched his problem, and assisted him in reviving his Jedi Academy game. To the great relief of all, Rewel decided to continue at his rank. It's truly wonderful to see members helping their clanmates, ensuring the continuing success of the game and their clans.

Also during the month of April, the Council Clan was able to put together a clan race, which was held on the 22nd. Here's a snippet of the details:

“During the event it was also decided to go with a slightly different scoring system. Instead of one race, three took place, where each racer scored points for their position, with the highest points being declared the winner.

This made for some exciting races which had members vying for first place every step of the way.

The top three racers were:

Ose in third place.
Zed in second place.
Socke in first place.

Congratulations to all three racers and especially to Socke, the fastest in the universe!

We hope to see more exciting news from the Council Clan in the coming months.

The Knights Reborn continued to experience growth in the month of April, with the welcoming of 3 new members: Neron, Gudrun, & AlonePrince. Each member was welcomed with open arms from the other clansmen. Other than that, the Knights have kept it quiet for the start of the Spring season, they continue to grow and that’s always important. We hope to see them at the upcoming Ally Tournament and put on a good show.

We wrap up the news by leaping over to the Allied Force Lords, our newest allies, to see how April shaped up for them. Their interaction with us continues to be great, as we see them weekly in our servers, sharpening their blades amongst the Jawas'. We experienced a great turn-out in a recent -=AFL=- – (JAWA) Gauntlet and LMS. With over 20 competitors, and a mix of guests and other clans (allied and not), the event was greatly appreciated, and we look forward to more such events in the future. Unfortunately, AFL's "Slayer of the Month" event was postponed due to upcoming exams and other school-related activities.

Jedi Master Draxman76 explained, "This is quite possibly the time of the year with the lowest activity. People have exams, work and whatnot. Come June expect to see a surge, it happens every year."

We certainly hope the activity picks up again for all clans over the summer, as vacation is sure to come (and not a minute too soon!).

That wraps it up for this month's Alliance News Update! I hope you enjoyed it – and *beams out* see you next month! <echo>

Zu's Other Cave: I give you... you!

Written by Zu

The Member of the Issue

Today's Member of the Issue is rather a special one. Not a pick, or even a random choice.
Today's Member of the Issue is YOU.
Yes, all of you. Why not a single person? Some jumping, funny little guy?

Well, the answer is really simple. Because the community we are living in is run by all of you. One person cannot create what we have already accomplished. Just look to the past... plenty of good and bad moments behind us, lots of fun, energizing performances, events, celebrations, new faces we met and people we still meet each day.

I don't know how Link managed to gather us all in such a place as this virtual world, but he certainly did the right thing. And here we are; me, you – all of you. Every single one of you deserves an award just for being here, keeping this wheel spinning, flourishing and expanding.

How can real people create such a nice place as JAWA? In this virtual world, anyone can do anything they want without being revealed or punished in some way. Yet they follow the same pattern; they make friends; they agree to certain rules that have to be obeyed in order to keep the peace, provide entertainment, and form a social structure. No real-life organization can run as smoothly as ours. Why? Simply because we made it the way we wanted it to be.

There are a lot of things I could say, no doubt; however, I'm not the type to sweeten positive values. ^^

On behalf of Link, the JAWA Council... bleh! this sounds like the wrong thing to say.

On behalf of everyone in the clan, I thank you for being there, right or wrong.

Dopie's Espionage: The Jewel.

Written by Dopie

Dopie: Hey, Diamond! Thanks for taking time of our day to hang with myself for the JP! First of all, can you tell us your name, current status in (JAWA), and where you're from?

Diamond: My name is Aldin, I'm from the Netherlands. My status in JAWA is in the yellow ranks, I’m a Master and a JAWA School Teacher.

Dopie: A Master in the ranks, and a Master within the JAWA School. Do you feel there’s any pressure in the upper ranks of JAWA to be at peak performance, or do you find that it’s just as refreshing and enjoyable when you were part of the cyan ranks?

Diamond: It definitely felt more refreshing during the cyan ranks. It all goes downhill from the point you get the last rank up, since you won't have much more to achieve; but on the positive side, you'll get respect for being a loyal member. So it isn't bad at all.

Dopie: So recently there were a couple open council spots within the JAWA leadership. Could you tell us if you applied or not? What do you think of the newly elected councilors? Do you have any interest in being part of the council in the future?

Diamond: Yes, I have applied, but sadly got denied again. I think the newly elected councilors are a great choice; Jazzy a returning councilor with experience, and Wolfy, a member who contributed so much to JAWA. Both are very well-suited. I'm not exactly sure if I’ll re-apply again for the council position. There are many ways to contribute to the clan without being a council member, so why not taking those chances?

Dopie: Indeed so, Diamond. Hard work is recognized wherever you are, be it council member or initiate. Now... tell us about Goku in your own words. I know he's just the skin you use from time to time, but are there any feelings beneath that? Perhaps a role model in your younger years?

Diamond: Ha-ha, a lot of newcomers question me that as well. I've been a long time DragonBall fan during my childhood, and Goku was simply one of the best heroes of all time. That's why I use his model in JKA, to show my appreciation, and to annoy some people with the taunts.

Dopie: As someone who has passed the Elite Trials recently, how do you feel they are in terms of difficulty? How does it feel to have reached the very difficult rank of Master? Any words of advice for those striving to reach the Elite trials, or those that have failed them and want to try again?

Diamond: In my opinion, the Elite Trials aren't too difficult. During my trials, it wasn't necessarily the skills that were tested, but more the style of fighting. My advice to all who want to try out the trials, try to come up with a respective style of combat (no exploits), alongside of that, better up some skills and you should be fine. For those who have failed them, keep trying, do not give up. Ask JAWA School's Teachers for support, and surely one day you'll pass!

As for the Master rank, it only took the waiting term of one year to get, so that wasn't really difficult, just stay loyal and you'll get it eventually.

Dopie: Judging just by what we see from Diamond on a weekly basis, you seem to be the soft-spoken combat-oriented guy with a little humor mixed in between. What does a guy like Diamond do outside of the JKA Game? Any unknown hobbies? Making brownies perhaps?

Diamond: Other than JKA, my hobbies consists of: watching anime, reading manga, drawing, playing visual novels, reading books, meeting with friends, playing video games and karaoke! I also used to do some Martial arts (Jiu Jitsu) but not anymore though. I barely have time to spend for all my hobbies, but these are the things I enjoy doing.

Dopie: Well, Diamond, my good friend, I think we got more than we hoped for out of ya! It was great reading into your mind, thoughts on JAWA and what it’s like to be in your shoes. Any shout-outs you'd like to make at this time, or a final thought for our readers?

Diamond: Yeah, JAWA School will experience an overhaul; we'll be changing the way we teach. Please stay tuned! We'll announce upcoming changes soon, and don't forget to participate. I'm sure it'll be fun if you give it a chance. That would be all, thanks Dopie for having me :).

Dopie: Thanks for your time, can't wait to see what’s happening with JAWA School and the upcoming announcements!


's meme. The new guy!

Made by Walan



New Members



Fente (Adept)
SnickleFritz (Padawan)
Nuk3R4z0r (Padawan)
Agent (Jedi)
Reiko (Adept)



"The Gonk has arrived to save the day."
By Kobra


"Jaden wants to reveal some disturbing news."
By Kobra


"When Link doesn't look."
By Kobra


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