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6thth November 2012


Zu's Cave. Do not fear, Zu is here!

Written by Zu

Hello, good people! Freshly after an intensive month full of changes, suprises and events, it is time for us to bring you something entertaining, interesting or simply amazing. Going back to the beginning of October, things were pretty quite and calm. But of course, there isn't something like 'nothing' in JAWA. Even in a single month we participate in various events and there is always news. One of the most interesting is a resurrection of JAWA Movies, led by Gravitas and his team, who intend to bring the level of entertainment to the top. The famous Valis, oh yes, the most controversial person in the JAWA Clan, who has marked his spot with a great amount of humour and many ideas. To make this proposition even better, it was decided by the team to create a regular YouTube account, which will hold each movie or animation.

Our channel:

Everyone is welcome to subscribe!

Just after that revival, Link announced a survey to discover what's really going on in our society! The results were very interesting. It's suprising just how many people were frank and eager to share ideas. Some were odd, some nice; but in the end, they show that our clan is run by its members, not just its leaders *awkward stare at Link*! Our forums and the clan have improved a lot in a matter of just a few weeks. Newly added guides and updates of currently existing pages on Wikijawa, to name few:

- Resolution Center, quick links & FAQs
- Updated rules
- Updated JAWA Honours
- Updated calendar and WikiJawa pages with brand new layouts.

But that's not the end of the news! We're alive and kicking in clan matches. A team of very skilled people will represent our teamwork aspect as a whole.

You may not believe it if I told you that Link has sold every pack of JAWA cards. But he has! That's right, every pack has been sold. This gives us the opportunity to create more cards, and sell them on regular basis – maybe every six months, maybe sooner.

In October we had an opportunity to congratulate Ruxith on a job well done. Ruxith received a contribution award for all his hard work, and time given to the clan. Well done, Ruxith! This is a great way to encourage each member to do something good – and who knows, maybe the next month will belong to you!

Putting our JAWA business aside, the last days of October were special ones. Celebrated in many countries, Halloween had its day in JAWA. Lots of calories were devoured on that day, lots of people had fun with tricks, and even more with the traditional and very amazing costume fest. BUT HOW MANY BATMANS CAN WALK DOWN THE STREET ASKING FOR CANDIES, HOW MANY!?, yes, I'm sure all of you had a great time in October, and await even better times in November. Hoping for some snow, are we?

Enjoy the Post!

The JAWA Gossip: Shadow vs. Xanatos

Xanatos 1.jpg

Returning to a matter discussed in the previous issue: Ivanova has been found guilty! She has stopped her slapping spree for unknown reasons. Our investigators have closed the case and sentenced Ivanova with a charity work, namely 2,893,423,894 hours of peeling potatoes – WITH A SPOON. But back to the present day. Our brave and fearless team decided to check on the mysterious events surrounding one of our Elite fighters: Shadow! Rumors say that Shadow was found casting... ANOTHER SHADOW. This case is clearly a serious one. In order to prevent the creation of a black hole spawning countless numbers of Podoplovik's servants, we need to quickly analyze the enclosed photo!


Meanwhile, something horrible has come to our ears! The mighty and unstoppable Xanatos... has been stopped! Apparently, Xanatos has discovered an unknown and unmovable wall. After a staring contest, Xanatos decided to move it by any means. He apparently did not know that if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object – THIS HAPPENS:


A rescue squad has been dispatched to save Xanatos from certain doom!

Stay tuned for fresh news in the next issue of the JAWA Post Issue. Remember, "We know!"

Zu's Trophies

Written by Zu

Today's issue brings us a closer look at our most creative artisan of all time, a person who has dedicated his time to the brush and pen. Without further ado, I give you Kobra!

Member of the Issue

Hello Kobra. You were gone for a long time, but you lately have decided to come back. Any story behind your absence? Any adventures?

Well, to be honest I felt under pressure with school starting soon and my poorly developed ability to make a comic on time. It's my last high school year and difficult choices are coming soon, I thought I could use some "free time" to center myself and discover what I was doing and where I'm headed, only to discover that leaving (JAWA) (a thought that crossed my mind many times) would not be be exactly beneficial. Any adventures... I made a deviantArt account and practised shading and texturing in my pencil drawings, but nothing really big.

I'm sure it will all be just like the old times soon enough. Considering your person as an artist, what is your opinion about latest graphical contests of all types that appear within JAWA?

It's nice to see people are interested in drawings, sigs and stuff, also seeing that film making is still kicking (I have a weakness for certain kinds of machinima). It gives me the feeling that (JAWA) is alive and breathing, and far from the typical "ghost forum".

Anything to say to your fellow colleagues? What would be the typical advice from an artist as yourself. To your friends and other artists that are appearing one by one?

Well, don't be afraid of making a mess, the only way to get better at drawing, mapping, modelling, film making, writing is by practising, learning, studying and working with your soul, that's how awesome things are made. I remember my drawings from 2009, I look back and go "?! I was nuts...", but had I not tried back then, where would I be now? Or mapping, I can hardly believe I had trouble making triggerable doors a few years ago. So yeah, it's hard work and a test of patience. It's not easy but it does have rewards that can last decades.

Wolfy's Forest: She Devil

Written by Wolfy

Wolfy: Hey everyone, and welcome to the darkest corner of my forest for the Halloween special! Today, I'll receive the most evil of the evils, Ivanova! Hello Iva, how are you?

Ivanova: *hides her whip* Hmm? Fine as always.

Wolfy': Great! So, even though most of people already know you, could you introduce yourself in a nutshell?

Ivanova: Well, I'd say I'm the evil you should both like and fear. I'm a person very dedicated to justice and helping those without a voice to speak out. I'm here on council to help the clan and server any way I can. I will promise no favouritism though and my friends can attest to my dedication on that.

Wolfy: Alright! As you said, you're probably the most evil character of our clan, perhaps matched by a former member, Aemi. If a "Who is the most evil of all" contest was organized, what would you do to prevail on your potential opponents?

Ivanova: Staring contest. They should know better than to try and my eyes will promise them doom if they do.

Wolfy: *shivers* Oookay... plenty of people know you as someone who slaps people a lot – myself included – why do you like slapping people so much?

Ivanova: You can do it more frequently than punching and it's far less damaging. Plus you get that nice cowering in fear after a while simply by raising your hand.

Wolfy: Seems legit. That may seem an awkward question (or at least, more than the questions above), but what, according to you, makes a perfect victim of your cruelness?

Ivanova: Hmm... Anyone who will simply accept it as a way of life after a while but can still be 'encouraged' to work harder from it. Such as Bandeth! ^.^

Wolfy: Okay! Any plans for the upcoming Halloween?

Ivanova: Well, past Halloweens have been very successful. I've had kids literally begging their parents not to take them to my house. This year I intend to hang myself halfway out a window, disguised to look fake. When the little ones approach I'll reach out menacingly at them... then casually reach up and ring the doorbell.

Wolfy: Sounds like fun! Alright, let's proceed to the.. (JAWA) Related-Quiz! As always, you'll be asked to close your web browser and answer under ten seconds to prevent cheating. Ready?

Ivanova: *closes the server status* Done.

Wolfy: Who's the 56th Council member?

Ivanova: Hmm, me? Not sure, lol!

Wolfy: Correct! 1/5. Out of the actual Council members, who is the 3rd in the alphabetic order?

Ivanova: Jazzy?

Wolfy:Wrong! It was you!

Ivanova: *slaps you*

Wolfy: Ouch! Still 1/5. Third question: When did the Super 20 officially begin?

Ivanova: August?

Wolfy: Wrong! It began on the 8th of April. Fourth question (and what an egocentric one it is): When did I join the clan?

Ivanova: Nodda clue. January 2010?

Wolfy: Actually, May 2010. I'll give you half a point though, makes you 1.5/5. Okay, Last question: Who is the most evil person of all times?

Ivanova: That's a hard one to answer. I don't role model myself after anyone. There's no fun in evil if it isn't unique.

Wolfy: Good answer, I guess . That makes you a total of 2.5/5. Thanks for answering my questions, Ivanova!

Ivanova: Thanks for the bravery to face me. *slaps you with a laptop*

Wolfy: Owchie! That concludes our interview! I'd like to wish a happy Halloween to everyone! Err, could you free me from this cage, Iva? Wait, where are you goin – IVA, HELP - OGJ#16@!?








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