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9th December 2012


Zu's Cave. Snowing!

Written by Zu

  • Throws ultra snowballs at everyone* That's right, people! The most amazing season of the year has finally arrived — and who ever disagrees will suffer for eternity... I'm not joking! *Throws snowball at you*

Nothing better than a nice layer of white snow lying everywhere. As you all know, and probably there are still people who don't, there are lots of ways to use the awesomeness which is snow. Snowball fights, snowmen of all shapes and sizes — I mean it! The typical snowman, which consist of three huge snowballs, a carrot and a hat, is slowly disappearing. In its place have come huge, creative, and inspiring statues of snow, or sometimes solid ice. Don't forget about all the winter sports: snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating... AWDADLUHASKDJ! SO MANY AWESOME ACTIVITIES, AND I'M SITTING HERE COMPILING THE POST!

In any case, those of you who spend most of the time in your houses, doing nothing in particular, should take this opportunity to go out and have fun. I'm sorry for all those who live in the lower latitudes. I'll mail you some snow! But there's nothing to worry about; while we have our winter fun, you have your summerish fun. I'm sure you have many ways to enjoy your days in December :)

As November passed with unusual calmness, we now prepare ourselves for what's coming. To name a few things, Christmas holidays, New Year's parties, or simply a relaxing time with the family. But before that, I bring you two amazing comics by Kobra and Marti, as well as news well worth reading. So take a seat, pour some hot chocolate, and enjoy the Post!


Alliances & Events corner

From now on, we'll be gathering information about events and clan matches with our allies, as well as random clans all over the world of JKA. This small corner is for the managers and participants to give their opinions about what happened during these events. Today, we present you two of our council members.

  • My thoughts on the recent clan matches are that they've been actively going very, very well! We especially look forward to future events with EK, AFL, and RG. For example, we had 2 awesome matches with EK where a lot of JAWA and EK members worked together in a competitive environment. With RG, we had a nice gauntlet that worked similarly. The clan match we had with EJO was fun. Robin, Bandeth, Xan, and I participated. EJO gave us a good challenge. The upcoming event with AFL will be fun!

- Jazzy

  • First of all, We have three great event planners, and active ones. We've had six planned events, two random events and two event tests — for a total of ten! Even if I didn't participate in a lot of them (due to time zones), I can say from feedback that it's been going awesome, especially Dopie's Halloween Valis Hunt, which was very successful! I hope we'll have more of these. Also, I participated in Anoek's Merc Gauntlet, and for a first try I've got to say it looks really awesome, so I look forward to having new events imagined in the future. Don't hesitate to suggest your own ideas! Later, I participated in a Power Duel event hosted by Anoek on the 20th of November, and it turned out to be really fun! There were about ten participants, which is quite good for this low-activity period of the year. Hopefully future events will be good too!

- Wolfy

The JAWA Gossip: Link vs. Helena


Previously on JAWA Gossip... A team investigating charges against one of our members did not found enough evidence against Xanatos. In that light, he was cleared of all charges. However, Shadow, who has been found secretly casting shadows, could not prove his innocence, and was therefore sentenced to the punishment of cleaning the Council's toilet... WITHOUT ANY LIGHT!

Case closed.

Our investigation team has little free time during the hours of their watch. As their eyes never close, they suspect a criminal syndicate working within JAWA. The gang is supposed to be led by none other than our leader... SiLink! SiLink, who lost his ponytail in mysterious circumstances declines to answer the accusation, and when asked to comment on the matter, he replies: ASK HIM! Without any possibility of clearing the fog, our team decided to find some evidence on their own. With no surprise, they concluded that SiLink may be collaborating with Helena Revan, as his ponytail was found in her bedroom... In addition, suspicious marks were found on his arm pad and on Helena's wall. The team presented a body of circumstantial evidence:


Soon after our team started their investigation, Helena Revan who had been asked to answer questions about the suspicious coalition, dissapeared. She couldn't be found anywhere. A local society on Taspir informed us about a female visitor to the bottom parts of their plant. Although their description differs from the appearance of Helena Revan, they say that she somehow resembles our council member, and they're forwarding us their photos from the basement section of the station. She indeed looks familiar. Closer investigation is necessary.


Stay tuned for fresh news in the next issue of the JAWA Post. Remember, "We know!"

Zu's Trophies

Written by Zu

Today, we're going to bring some insight into the matter of our newest Council member... Dopie the Janitor!

Member of the Issue

Hello Dopie, oh the mighty Dopie, WHO IS OUR LATEST JANITOR. Before you had been elected for our newest Council member, what were your hopes and attitude toward the current Council, their work and activities?

  • My hopes and attitude toward the current Council were good I would say, each person had their role and performed it well, even when at times it didn't meet the expectation of some. Being in a leadership position, everything you do is magnified because of your position, and I don't think we could look at the current Council and mind many faults. Everyone does a good job!

So, Dopie, what is your current impression about JAWA itself? Is it what you would expect of a virtual clan?

  • JAWA is and will always be a haven to those looking for a 2nd home with fellow gamers, for whatever the reason may be. Even when people disagree or don't see everything in the same light, this community can really pull together and be like a family. I think JAWA has far surpassed any expectations I could've hoped for, from a "virtual clan". I've met some of the greatest people here, and have

had some of the best times. Forging friendships, starting new projects, working along side the new members of the clan and now I'm part of the Council. Who could ask for more?

Anything to say to our beloved members?

  • You guys are what keep JAWA, remember that. It's not about the Leader, the Council or any one group of individuals, it's about everybody. We aren't anything without the members being involved, intrigued and happy with the clan. This is my first leadership role in a major community, and I promise to do everything I can to make sure this place continues to be that haven that I described earlier.

I will try to always make myself available to be a listening ear, and I appreciate every member who sports the clan tag. Thank you. Oh, and Wolfy seriously needs to do these dishes... they're everywhere.

Wolfy's Forest: Before the celebration.

Written by Wolfy

Wolfy: Hello Nightwing, how are you?

Nightwing: Hello Wolfy, I'm great thanks.

Wolfy: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Nightwing: I'm Jordan and I am from Manchester in sunny England. I am 21 years old and will be 22 in July.

Wolfy: Good! You joined the clan in late February 2012, how would you describe your experience within the clan so far?

Nightwing: So far? I've had a great time, met a lot of interesting people and I have been welcomed with open arms I guess. I would say it's one of my favourite communities I've been a part of in the last 7 years of gaming.

Wolfy: Great! You've become an admin quite recently, what were your motivations to apply?

Nightwing: Well whenever someone asks that question I always think back to being helpless to act in other games, I feel very strongly about rules and although I am not fond of confrontation, if I see something that is wrong I must act on it. Most of all I think, I don't like people who join a server to disrupt peoples gaming time, as a lot of people don't have much time to actually play on the server.

Wolfy: Seems legit, do you plan to apply for more positions such as ambassador/event planner?

Nightwing: I have been thinking of it for a while, and recently set up a gauntlet on the server and then passed the reigns over to Robin and Water. It is something I'm interested in, but for now I think I'll focus on my admin duties. Though I can see myself applying for such roles in the future.

Wolfy: Alright. Put aside playing JKA, what are your interests and hobbies?

Nightwing: Well as some may know, I'm in my final year on a design honours degree, so in my spare time I'm usually doing designs, animating or writing. I also paint, draw and I'm a massive T.V. Series fan.

Wolfy: Awesome! Now to the famous (JAWA) Related-Quiz! You'll be asked to close your web browser and anything that could help you, and please answer as fast as possible to prevent cheating. Ready?

Nightwing: Ready.

Wolfy: First question: Eight members are featured on the (JAWA) Yearly Cards 2012. Can you name two members appearing on these cards?

Nightwing: NorthStar and Duster-man

Wolfy: Correct! 1/5! Next question: BloodRaven and HI both hold the record of holding the (JAWA) championship. How many consecutive months did they keep the title for?

Nightwing: 2 months?

Wolfy: Wrong, it was actually 11 months! Still 1/5. Third question: How many members in the clan had their name beginning with the letter 'U'?

Nightwing: oh....none?

Wolfy: Right again! 2/5! Fourth question: Who won the very first Staff Heaven at (JAWA) League?

Nightwing: No idea.. Kel?

Wolfy: It could have been Kel, but it was actually Podoplovik. Still 2/5! Last question... who are the two founders of (JAWA)?

Nightwing: Iniowi and Matt

Wolfy: It's spelled 'Iniowe' but I'll accept it, that makes you 3/5!

Nightwing: Yay!

Wolfy: Thanks for answering my weird and mind-blowing questions, Nightwing!

Nightwing: My pleasure, Thanks for asking.

Wolfy: You now have ten seconds to leave your seat before the bomb under it explodes. 10... 9... 8...

Nightwing: oh, God! *falls over*

Wolfy: Ha ha, I was only kidding! You're free to leave.

Nightwing: Thanks! See ya later.













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"Bandeth is... evolving."
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