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3rd March 2013


Zu's Cave. Still kicking!

Written by Zu

Welcome readers. I'd like to apologize for the delay with the Post, but the last two months were full of finals, real life work, and other things that required both my and the team's attention. Before I begin, I'd like to introduce to you our two new newsmen - Drake, who will take care of the latest clan news as well as the forums daily life, and Runner, our latest artist who decided to devote his time to entertain you with his interesting drawing skills. You'll have the chance to see for yourself!

The last two months were quite exhausting. I hope you all had fun, that you've studied hard, and enjoyed all of the things you've managed to do during this time. Before I bore you to death with the introduction, I give you the Post!

Drake's lair. The new guy

Written by Drake & Zu


Firstly, I would like to say welcome to the Forum Report. The forum report is a section of the JAWA Post, that dedicates it’s information solely to our forum. Want to know what is happening this past month? Rank updates? Clan Matches? Other exciting and crazy stuff! Read ahead my fellow jawas, and enjoy the ride.

January Events

Starting off with events hosted by our Councillors and Events Planners: on January 1st, 2013, the beginning of the New Year, Duster-Man hosted his New Year's Extravaganza! There were four events in total, and a lot of our fellow Jawas showed up. Valis Hunt returned with a bang! Then into Lightsaber Last Man Standing, Merc Last Man Standing, and to finish it off, SEIGE!

Our Councillors hosted the monthly JAWA League on January 27th, thanks to Leader SiLink and our host, Caelum! We were able to keep the server up and had a tremendous number of participants. With Water returning to JAWA in such a short period, his status as champion remained intact. BUT… Xanatos had his heart set on the belt. He was able to fight from the first round to the very end, winning the final match against the very elusive Ivanova. In the Championship, Water and Xanatos split the first two matches. When the dust was cleared, it was Xanatos holding up the belt as the NEW JAWA CHAMPION!

Also worthy of mention is… the JAWA PODCAST episode 10! This club has brought a new era into the news of JAWA and other topics that are discussed. Your host, Dopie, gathered his fellow colleagues and brought in the new year with new members, news, and special announcements. Here's an excerpt: “At this time I'd like to recognize 2 folks who recently came on board to our recordings and have been an integral part of the enjoyment and good times, that you all have had a chance to listen to...

Lostris & Jasp have been accepted as our newest members of the (JAWA) Podcast and are now official members of that club. We continue to look forward to more Episodes with them in the recordings to come”.

Celebrate with a smile!

Next, we have our celebratory occasions for clan members. If you haven’t already, please welcome Lostris to the Council! She is the 60th Council member in the history of JAWA. Lacey, Pepsi, and Blade decided to return home. Blade has since departed again, but welcome back to Lacey and Pepsi with a hug and a smile! Also our newest Guardian is… do you know? I do… It’s Ace! Please congratulate him, and help him prepare for the ELITE Trials!

Councilors work together! With an assist from Caelum!

Lastly, but definitely not least, our Councillors have been very busy. Recruitment is closed, so we Jawas can get to know our fellow applicants and newcomers. We should also applaud each other for not going insane with the down time of our old server, and also thank SiLink and Caelum once again on their fine job with the new server. Since the holidays ended, the bots have received new names. Watch out for the pizza toppings! Nightwing and fellow council members also implemented a new rule for the Signature of the Week competition: "(JAWA), (JAWA-T), Alliances of (JAWA) and Former clan Members are allowed to vote." New emoticons have been unleashed on the forums! Find them, and use them!

February Events

What can you say about this mighty and dusty super-hero? Yes, he may be dusty, and some may think he's the JAWA janitor. But personally, I believe this man is an event planning MACHINE! He hosted not just one or two, but THREE events for the JAWA family.

This leads us into one of the most monumental events we have here at JAWA. The JAWA Ladder Tournament was first announced by our leader, SiLink, on the 4th of December, 2011. Robin, a very skilled former member, won the first ladder in 2012. The 2013 ladder has started, and matches have already started to be won and lost. Best to luck to all our participants, and enjoy the friendly competition of the JAWA Ladder!

The JAWA Knights had a match this month with LF. There were three rounds, and we were able to take all three, with the great teamwork of the Knights. LF was a great opponent, and the Knights hope to do further battle with them! JAWA Ambassador Shadow hosted a event with the Allied Force Lords, who sent several members. The event consisted of three rounds of Siege on different maps, and it seems that everyone had a great time!

Stand up and applaud!

Two old allies that have returned to activity in JKA are CoF and EJA! They've posted on our forums and posted that they're slowly coming back, and ready to have some fun. Make sure to show some Star Wars love and hug em'!

Starkiller, oh that Starkiller. We all know and love that guy, don't we? I think the council has seen that, and upgraded him to... Guardian! Of course, not without a little "trial" from our loveable council member, Northstar. Congrats, Starkiller! But it's not all fun and games for just Starkiller. I know, it may seem weird, but news is news, right? Sooooo, we had our awesome JAWA League that was hosted by the Council. The main event was won by Link... no, Drake! Oh, wait! ME! Xanatos, the past champion, did not show up, and I was awarded the belt. I know, I know, you're thinking it was rigged. It might have been... but you have no proof! *wink*

Technology, and some art!

The Arts Club, led by Nightwing, released their first wallpapers for us! Show them some appreciation and give them some critiques. Let them know what you're looking for, so they can better prepare and learn what JAWA wants and loves. As for the Arts Club, keep up the great work! Everyone's been helping with signatures in the fast-paced time frame. Oh, Jasp! He's taken over the duty of putting together the JAWA skinpack, version 23. Guess what? It's out! Go download it if you haven't already. If you find a glitch, feel free to post. If you don't, enjoy all the wonderful skins of your fellow members!

It seems that SiLink has been a busy bee. He's working, going to school, and still has time to work on extensions for Google Chrome. He's released an extension already, so if you use Chrome, be sure to download it and let SiLink know what you think! Opinions are welcome! But that's not all from Mr. SiLink. He's brought us the new and improved Event Server! Time to go crazy with events, huh? Event planners, ambassadors, and fighters, let's get it on!

And finally...

If you had obligations elsewhere on the first Saturday of March, then you missed our Leader, Link, give a VERY long, but important talk. A new co-leader has joined the ranks of JAWA. This person has been on council for just a short time, but he's stepped up to the plate in every way. He may walk with a Kel Dor head, but that's okay! Be prepared to congratulate and work together with this man... Yes, I said man! Nightwing, it's your turn to lead JAWA into the future. We're ready for whatever you bring us! Cheers, friend!

Alliances & Events corner

This small corner is for the club managers and event participants to give their opinions about what happened during events. Today, we present our beloved friend, Anoek and her clanmatch.

  • It was a little bit confusing for me when I was about to start the event, because there was no Knights or Ambassadors. As the other clan insisted on actually starting our match, in a good faith, I had no choice but do my best and lead the event. It was weird for me, because I had known I was not really allowed to do it. After all, we had our fun nonetheless. It was a TFFA, with the LF clan. We had 4 VS 4 match and the frag limit was set to 41. We manage to do only 2 rounds, because after the second round, I had to lead an another event I had planned before. In the first round I forgot to turn off the pick ups. Luckily, Lostris joined the server in the first round, to help me with the settings for the second round. The first was won by the LF clan, and the second one by JAWA.

- Anoek

The JAWA Gossip: Drake vs. Nightwing

Previously on JAWA Gossip... During a long investigation, our team of professional spies and detectives finally came to a conclusion. Link has been found guilty! In light of our evidence, the mysterious mark of three triangles is nothing but a very complex transcription of AFK. An AFK is forbidden among the leadership, and as a punishment, Link will have to focus on studying ALL THE SCIENCE THERE IS.

- Case closed


Meanwhile, in the JAWA House, a terrifying conspiracy has been discovered. Right after his coronation, Nightwing, the new leader of our clan, was caught struggling against a giant frog with a lightsaber! Nightwing, a Kel Dor in odd robes, decided to not yield to the mysterious alien - a Rodian, as we call them - and crossed his lightsaber against the frog's weapon. The outcome might have been very dangerous, as we know from previous experience that many aliens want to take over the (JAWA) Clan. The photo below was taken right after our new leader ignited his lightsaber, in front of the Marka Ragnos statue. The mysterious Rodian might be connected to our member, Drake, for he's a xenobiologist. Further investigation is required!


The team will have to wait until the commotion is resolved.

Stay tuned for fresh news in the next issue of the JAWA Post. Remember, "We know!"

Zu's Trophies

Written by Zu

Today, I present you the man of the day, month, and year. Someone, probably a surprise to most of you, has become our new leader, alongside SiLink. I had no choice but to capture and restrain him, interrogate him, and then release the Kraken — I mean, release him — for he will do his best on his new journey.

Member of the Issue

Hello, NW. With all the commotion about the mysterious 'Announcement' that we recently have experienced, what are your own feelings regarding the achievement of leading the clan?

  • Since I were a young gamer just going onto Xbox JKJA, i have always set about running or creating clans/guilds and this has always been my true love of gaming, the ability to be part of a community and be someone who can push that community forward and donate time to help keep it that safe, fun and entertaining place that it is.

Since Joining JAWA i hoped to become council and honestly though i can do this, this is the place for me to show what i can do, without fear of judgement. I never for one second thought i would be picked to serve as council and now that i have become co-leader i am thrilled and when I was asked if i would consider taking up the responsibility i was in shock for a good deal afterwards.

I was completely gob-smacked to receive such a honor and up untill he said my name my heart wouldn't stop racing. I am both humbled and thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me by both Link and the rest of the Council, i wouldn't be here without there support.

What would be your new duties, ideas and the leadership itself along the Council members?

  • My duties as a whole would be that within line of what Link has been doing and i will be working closely with both him and the rest of the council to push and evaluate what (JAWA) stands for and where we want to go as a clan. I am not going to impose my own beliefs on the clan, yet i will bring my own take into the mix and together we can continously evolve and adapt to changing climates.

Ideas in terms of how the clan is progressing or where i want to take JAWA, i will not go into much detail as yet, as i want the council to be involved in every aspect of the clans future, and so it wouldn't be fair for me to dictate the future of the clan without the input of it's members. However i do have some thoughts and i will be incorporating and discussing these. Furthermore i will be re-evaluating every aspect of (JAWA) and looking for ways to improve each and every aspect. This again would not be forced onto each area without the agreement of both Myself, Link and the council. However i believe that there is always improvements to be made in every aspect of a clan.

My recent responsibilities will be divided out, except for JAWA Arts (including SOTW), i will be running that for the foreseeable future, untill the time comes where i feel that someone else could take it forward in a better way. The long story short, I am always open to suggestions and will always take criticism where it's earned.

During the ceremony, you gave quite a speech. Would you like to add something more for our readers and our people?

  • I'm not one for big speeches, but i believe that credit deserves to be spoken about. People said a lot of beautiful things about me and i am truly thankful for those words of kindness. I think more than anything, Link deserves the gratitude and applause for all his hard work since the begining of JAWA. I have said this many times that (JAWA) wouldn't be (JAWA) without it's members, but if one person stood out, it would be Link. Without Link re-forming (JAWA) after it fell at the wayside so many times before, we would not be here today with a thriving community of intelligent, open-minded and thoughtful individuals. So i believe above all i would like to raise a glass to Link and say, Thanks.

Lastly i would like to thank each council member, new and old, like Ivanova said we don't always see eye to eye and where our opinions don't meet we work around it and find the best path to follow. In the words of someone in that one film you love, 'We may differ in our opinions, but we are united in our decisions'.

Wolfy's Forest: Three is the number.

Written by Wolfy

Wolfy: Hello everyone and welcome to my snowy forest! Today, as you may have guessed, we are going to interview not one, not two but THREE members, coming from everywhere around the world! Those are Just Another Guy, Duster-Man and Knightmare. Hey guys, could you please tell our readers where you live?

Just Another Guy: Hey people, this is Guy and I am from Brazil.

Duster-Man: Greetings, I'm Duster-Man from Canada.

Knightmare: Hi everyone, this is KM greeting you all from New Zealand.

Wolfy: Alright! Let's begin with the first question: what are the Christmas traditions in your country, are there some unique things that other countries do not have?

Just Another Guy: Well, in some regions (not in mine, though), the celebration lasts for about a week and involves people dancing in the streets. Apart from the usual stuff, it also has something to do with the Magi that visited baby Jesus, if I recall correctly.

Duster-Man: Here in Canada there's great things that help the Christmas spirit. We have churches that sing Christmas carols, Musicals and plays. I'm pretty sure we have similar things to do in Christmas than almost every other country does.

Knightmare: New Zealand Christmas is a pretty relaxed affair. There aren't really any traditions that we have other than what you might expect from Christmas in western culture such as Santa, exchanging gifts, carols etc. Apart from perhaps having Christmas in the summer sun unlike Europe and the US, there is nothing particularly unique about Christmas in New Zealand.

Wolfy: As for France, it may differ a tiny little bit differant from a region to another, I believe eastern France have slightly dissimilar celebrations. Now, could you tell us what is a typical national Christmas meal in your country?

Just Another Guy: Hmm, off the top of my head, all I can list would be turkey and panettone. Different regions might incorporate more elements in their traditional meals.

Duster-Man: Well, we have turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, gravy and eggnog.

Knightmare: Since there aren't any major Christmas traditions, meals aren't necessarily unique or traditional either. However, my family likes to have a late Christmas lunch, often consisting of a leg of ham along with a roast.

Wolfy: Finally, do you exchange presents? If so, what do you expect?

Just Another Guy: While many people here do that, it has been a while since I last exchanged presents. Not exactly sure why this habit of mine died out.

Duster-Man: Yes, my family exchanges gifts as a family and taking turns opening their gifts.

Knightmare: As for us, we do exchange gifts, but I'm terrible at buying presents. I don't usually ask for anything for myself to be honest as I often prefer to buy my own things.

Wolfy: Okay, that is going to do it for this one, thank you all for your time. Thank you dear readers and best wishes for 2013!

Wolfy's Forest: The Kangy!

Written by Wolfy

Wolfy: Hey Kangy, How are you?

Kangy: I'm doing awesome, thanks.

Wolfy: Okay, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Kangy: Hi, my name is Jere aka KanGy, I'm a 17 years old guy from Finland, i study to become electrician and automation assembler

Wolfy: Good! So you've rejoined (JAWA) recently, what do you like about the clan so far?

Kangy: I love being part of this awesome community, (JAWA) has many many things i like, the people, clubs, events etc.. And the most important thing: friendlyness and humour. Im planning to be in (JAWA) as long as i play jka, if i leave (JAWA) that means i retire from jka, but don't wait that to happen for a looong time! ;D

Wolfy: Awesome! Talking about the clubs, are you planning to join some, or to become an admin sooner or later?

Kangy: Yes, the clubs can give opportunity to spend my time for something when people are not in game, my timezone is pretty bad because people comes in game after 6pm finnish time. And i like admin duties, i have expirience of admin from my 2 years at Chosen/z3n an as admin, i can keep server in order when other admins are not on, since people really does hop in game after 6pm.

Wolfy: Alright! Aside from playing JKA, what do you like to do in your free time?

Kangy: I like to spend time with my girlfriend and friends, we watch movies veeery much, we are actually going to watch movies today And i am addicted to information, i also spend time to search information of everything, actors, bands, jawa etc

Wolfy: Cool! It is now time for the.. (JAWA)-Related quiz! This time, you will have to guess members' names via riddles. As always, I'll ask you to close anything that could help you out. Ready?

Kangy: Yes!

Wolfy: Last night, I had a bad dream with a helmet.

Kangy: Sorry, i have no idea

Wolfy: It was Knightmare! 0/5 for now. Next one: Who is the Epic Sax Guy of the clan?

Kangy: Jazzy!!

Wolfy: Correct! 1/5! Third one: Who is the superhero of cleaning?

Kangy: Sorry. Doesnt ring any bells

Wolfy: It was Duster-Man! Still 1/5. Fourth riddle: According to Deep Purple, he's on the water.

Kangy: Ha ha, I'm bad with these. I'm going to guess.. Smokey!

Wolfy: Correct! 2/5! Last riddle: "Not a particular Dude".

Kangy: Ha! JustAnotherGuy? Is it? Is it?

Wolfy: Yes! So that makes you 3/5. Thanks for answering my questions, Kangy!

Kangy: No problem, thanks for invitation!!

Wolfy: You have now five seconds to leave your seat before the trapdoor under it opens and falls into a field of mines. 5...4...3.. *turns around and cover ears*

Kangy: *flees*

Wolfy: TWO.. ONE.. oh, I forgot to activate the automatic opening of the trapdoor. Oh well. See you on the next Issue of the (JAWA) Post, dear readers!


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"-Link: What's that smell?"
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"The true Council meeting revealed."
By Zu


"Taming a howler."
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