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29th April 2013


Zu's Cave. Clanniversary.

By Zu

Greetings, readers! April 27 marked my fourth clanniversary in (JAWA). Yes, four years as a member of this community—how many friends I have made during that time! How much fun I have had! And how many surprises still await me?

I may not be a perfect person, councilor or friend, however I find all of you to be true friends... not just gamers or virtual collegues. For this special occasion, I have written something for you.

Unknown are the visages of our friends
No where to find our comrades' dreams
Idly resting and thinking of what is to come
Trying to remember all that we have lived for
Every single day of our journey we have walked alone
Dwelling in our minds, searching for memories long gone

We are not to walk alone
The epilogue of our journey will never be done

Seekers will find desired hope
The tired will never stop
Above all, we will live on
Neither of us shall desist at the horizon
Deeds of our lives will mark our dreams

The journey will never come to an end
Another day awaits our dreams... shall we move on, my friend?
Looking forward to see the black sky turn blue

Looking forward to see our friends' dreams come true

Enjoy this special edition of the Post: from us to you.

Zu's Trophies: The Council.

By Zu

Welcome, dear readers, to the Member of the Issue. Today I present you... the JAWA Council! A bunch of selfless people, always willing to sacrifice their time for the sake of our people's needs, be it entertainment, security, business or even social matters. I'm sure all of you have known them for quite some time already, and to those who don't—well, it's the best opportunity to get to know them right now! These ladies and gentlemen are full of surprises, and today they bring you a few words dedicated just to YOU!

Members of the Issue
Council Members

Greetings, Council! Soon, we will hit our ninth year as a clan. How do you feel about the length of our existence in the realm of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy? Is there a secret behind this phenomenon?

Nightwing: As someone who has played JKA since its release, I can honestly say that a clan such as this does not come around as often as you would think. A clan to last nearly a decade should be considered to be amongst the most successful of its type, not only within this game, but the online gaming community as a whole. I think the secret to any success in regards to the longevity of a squad, clan, guild or team is the purpose. Whether that purpose be the community, points, achievements or fun, if the purpose remains strong and continues to bring people together, then it is something special indeed. The key is keeping purpose alive. Without purpose, people leave and seek it elsewhere.

Ruxith: It's crazy to think that the game has lasted this long and is still bringing new people to the game, without needing to bring a new title to the franchise or have DLC to buy to give us reason to carry on playing. The secret to the game's survival is (as always) the most obvious one; the multiplayer. The game is very unique, allowing both competitive combat (in the form of lightsaber/shooters) and a massive social aspect, similar to MMORPGs. The clans in this game are what keeps it alive, and what keep bringing us all back to not allow us to leave the game (it's a trap!). Being part of a large community is what keeps us all playing this game, and I couldn't see myself playing without it.

Fox: I think our length is too long. I'd like to shorten a bit off the top, and more off the back and sides. This phenomenon isn't really special. Things usually grow longer over a period of time, until they start shrinking...

Jasp: It's great that our clan lasts so long. As for the 'secret' behind it all... I don't think it's a big secret. It's simple devotion. We all have our role in keeping this clan alive... whether it is just to be a part of it, or donating to keeping it going. I guess it helps to have a good leadership as well. In the end, we all play our parts. That's what I would say is one of the reasons we're still standing strong.

Dopie: Our length as a clan is an impressive one to be sure. Jedi Academy has had a great run through the years, and has seen its stages of activity fluctuate, but (JAWA) seems to remain consistent, as a whole. I've only been in the clan now for a little over a year, but I've been in the JKA scene for as long as the game has been out, and it's a real pleasure to be among some of the greatest and most devoted members that I've ever come across. There really isn't a secret, it's just devotion, consistency, creativity, and friendship. (JAWA) has all the right ingredients, and some very talented people within its halls. We are a very fortunate group of people.

Ivanova: There are three elements to JKA and JAWA's success. Sabers, dedication, and community. Sabers are unique in this sort of game. Most first or third-person shooters don't have a disarm or holster ability, and the ones that do don't have the same level of chat ability. Today, the few games I've seen with comparable levels of chatting are MMORPGs, and in so few of them will you ever get hands on administrators, which brings me to dedication. It's dedication that has laid and kept the groundwork of our community strong.

Only three other places have I ever personally experienced this, and only one of those has compelled me to play for countless hours. That one was Neverwinter Nights, and I still often think about spending time there again. Devoted owners, staffing, devoted editors, and administrators made it a living system unlike many of the faceless company-owned MMORPG servers out there. Similarly in JAWA, a dozen players' interests may rest on each administrator or event planner or ambassador's back, but without those players we'd have died out long ago.

Community is the last part of the puzzle. If JKA is the house, and the administrators are the people who furnish it, it is the community that lives inside it. So long as there are interested players, there will be people who enjoy keeping their interest, and sharing great times, and though it can't go on forever, I've yet to see any signs of this great experience ending any time soon.

Helena Revan: Sometimes it seems like clans come and go in the blink of an eye. No sooner do we make friends and attempt a few events with a new clan than we hear of them disbanding. There have always been exceptions to this rule, and it's been our good fortune to have several of them as allies. But I feel extremely fortunate to have been part of one of the longest-lived clans in the history of the game, and to have had a chance to contribute to our community. If there's a secret behind our longevity, it's that we all try to work together for the good of the clan, even when we disagree on individual issues. (JAWA) members tend to put the needs of the clan ahead of their own, and in my opinion, that's why we've lasted as long as we have.

How do you feel about the members of JAWA? Some of people call JAWA a family. Can a virtual gaming society truly be a family, sharing both good times and bad?

Nightwing: A clan in its simplest form is about community with a common goal. In cultures around the world it would be seen as survival to bring together people of various skills, social interest and needs and that is exactly the same here, whether virtual or physical. The same principles apply everywhere. In regards to the people of (JAWA), I've seen my fair share of bad and good people across the gaming 'communities,' and I have always said that JKA has one of the highest rated communities around, and I have always stuck by this.

It is true that there are always good and bad in every aspect of gaming and community. You'll always get those points in time where interests change and people clash. It is not unheard of, and in fact I welcome moments like this as it reminds people that behind that typing, behind the voice there are people who share common interests who are giving their time up to spend time with you. It doesn't matter that they are not sat in the same room as you.

I personally do not stay in a place where I do not see potential for growth, and with anything there is always room for improvement. The clan and it's members are not perfect, but we hold together and strive to bring about the 'good' in people and try to lessen the bad as best as we can. Whether or not we achieve this, the clan must be doing something right over the years. One of my favourite aspects of (JAWA) is that the doors are never fully closed, we allow members to return who have been gone for periods of time. If people didn't believe in what we do, they would not return. It's as simple as that.

People don't buy what you do, but why you do it. I believe that (JAWA) has a purpose that everyone who has ever been a member of it has. To be socially stimulated and accepted as something more than just a squad, and something more welcoming than a team. We are indeed a family. I've seen firsthand people give their time, money, effort, and skills to help and contribute in this clan, and it pleases me that we have a community here, which has been built on the backs of every member from its start to the present. Everyone has a share in its triumphs and everyone works through its failures. If that's not a family, then I don't know what is.

Ruxith: The family aspect of JAWA is what has kept me so active in JKA, especially this late on in its existence. Being able to socialize and also play the game is what makes it such a great atmosphere, and JAWA is one of the longer living communities in JKA that has been able to keep the best of both worlds. Every clan will have its ups and downs, but it's about learning from it and moving on. By having such a large clan base, and a large but strong set of council members with now two leaders, problems are quickly resolved and we are able to look out for one another. I feel that as a whole, JAWA is an excellent clan to be a part of, and anyone can feel welcome here given the chance to.

Fox: I think we are all crazy. Imagine if we all lived in a large house together. We can get closer to each other because (opinion) there isn't much room for all the traditional pressures on the internet like from RL social groups. If I lived in a house with you all... I demand my own bathroom!

Jasp: Well, of course we're not related as family would be (except for a few members that actually are family of course), but bonds between members are not that far away from actual family. I'm no exception of course. In the past there have been members that I had such strong bonds with, I even called 'em "bro" or "sis." There still are a few around of course, but yea, bonding that well with 80+ people is tricky, but there's not a JAWA I wouldn't help if they needed someone to talk to. So yea, maybe in this wacky family of ours I'd be either the older brother or silly uncle or whatever.

As for if we can truly be a family... well, I guess we go through a lot of the same goods and bads as an actual family would. And we're always there for each other. I'm not sure if that's "family," but it sure is a sign of a good clan.

Dopie: I've always had my mixed emotions about certain members in the clan, simply because I'm human. I'm not always going to agree or side with everything that's said. However, I appreciate every member who wears our tags, the former members who continue to visit and provide feedback, and our future members who take the plunge in giving our clan a try. I wouldn't call us a virtual society, but at the end of the day, we all drive for the same things—to have fun, hang out with our friends, and have a few laughs in between the daily struggles and adventures of life.

Ivanova: Jawa is easily comparable to a family, especially when it comes to both good and bad times. Throughout my time here I've certainly experienced both and been responsible for both as well (but hopefully more good than bad!). There are people here I highly respect, ones I look out for, some that have considered me a mentor, some I consider among my best friends, and as every family there might be a couple I'd like to strangle a little (or a lot!).

From nearly the beginning of my time here I've always talked frequently with Link sharing an almost brother-sister relationship as we share ideas, talk about personal stuff, make jokes unrepeatable for the Jawa forums, and on occasion cause each other massive migraines, just like siblings. If I was to label myself in terms of family when it comes to Jawa, I'd say I'm the crazy fun aunt who will let you skip homework and stay up past your bedtime as long as you be nice.

Helena Revan: Our members are the ones who make this a family. A family consists of people who treat each other with respect and compassion, and who work together to make their community a better place for everyone. I'd say that (JAWA) members are more like a family than those of any other group I've encountered since I became part of this game, and a model for other groups that want to succeed and continue into the future. Every family has good and bad times, but (JAWA) has come through them all, and that depth of commitment only seems to grow stronger with each passing year.

Is there anything you'd like to say to our readers? Something to encourage and lift up their spirits as we approach our ninth anniversary?

Nightwing: To be a part of history—think on that—history doesn't have to be big events around the world; it can be the simplest form of a small 100-person clan working together to help and support one another through all the good and bad that the world has to offer. This is our history—you are our past, present, and future. Without the members of (JAWA), we would not be the people, family, or friends that we have all grown to love over the many years that we have been together.

I have only been here for just over a year, yet in that time I have been welcomed by members who have been here since the start and those who came after me. It doesn't matter when or where you entered The (JAWA) Clan, you should feel just a part of it as everyone else. We are all in (JAWA) for a reason. And that reason will give you the drive to make positive contributions and change, and be a member of something great.

I plan on sticking around for a long time yet, and I hope you'll be here with us, through the good and bad, no matter how dark it gets. We can keep going, but only if we work together.

Ruxith: By being a part of the JKA community this far in, whether a JAWA or not, you are one of the many that help keep this game alive. By taking part and getting involved with what happens now in the game you will help make history! Viva la revolution! JAWA is still just as strong as ever, even (almost) nine years on from when it was founded. I hope you all join me and everyone else for a long time yet; JKA still has a few years left, that's for sure. No rest for the wicked.

Fox: Run while you still can. Stay away from the dark alleys of the server; else you may never see the light of day again.

Jasp: All of you, whether you've been in the clan for only a few days, or a few years (or in some cases forever): you make Jawa what it is today, a friendly, helpful and relaxed community. I honestly admit I don't know everyone as well as I probably should, or wish to. But I am happy to be in the same clan with you all, and let's keep this place running for a good bunch of years to come.

Dopie: A big shout-out to all those that help (JAWA) in an extra special way, whether you donate your hard-earned money, take time to host events, keep the server safe by being an admin, continue to better your skills for upcoming competitions, participate in one of our many clubs, or simply join our server and/or team-speak and just being yourselves—Thank you. You are the reason I love being in this clan, the reason I contribute what I can, and have some of the greatest times online. As for the 9th Year Anniversary—Get ready, because you ain't seen nothing yet.

Ivanova: There's something I can definitely suggest to anyone who's feeling a little lost, and I've seen it work countless times before. If you look at the Jawa server and see it empty, believe it or not, but that's the time to come in. Soon enough one person will attract another, will attract another, will attract another. It's not always about big crazy full server party times with Jawa. Sometimes, some of the craziest, funniest things happen when there's few people on because we simply can't do some of the casual games we play when the server's packed full of guests.

Be the first one in, or join lone JAWAs when you see them, ESPECIALLY if I'm one of the few people on, because craziness is bound to be around the corner. Aside from that, remember that we're here to help, and will come whenever we can, and will be here to talk if you need anything. Let's enjoy Jawa for another great year.

Helena Revan: I'd say that all of our members, both past and present, should feel proud of their contributions to this clan. Without them, (JAWA) wouldn't be a family, and we certainly wouldn't have lasted nine years.

Wolfy's Forest: he who goes by the news flow.

By Wolfy

Wolfy: Welcome back in my forest! Today, as it is his fourth clanniversary, I receive our favorite ninja! Hello, Zu, how are you?

Zu: Hello, currently I'm fine. Minor aches in the backs (I blame my gym) but nothing to worry about.

Wolfy: I see ninjutsu is quite painful! Although many members know you, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Zu: Hai. My real name is Łukasz, but I doubt you can pronounce it. I live in Poland and I've survived 23 springs so far.

Wolfy: Alright! As I said before, you celebrate your fourth clanniversary. How would you describe your experience within the clan?

Zu: The JAWA clan probably has had the biggest impact on my experience, both in gaming and in real life. As strange as it sounds, I've been somehow 'changed' by the JAWAs' influence. I've spent the most of my time in JAWA out of all clans I've been in. There are good times and bad, but the outcome is always positive. JAWA is simply a place a gamer like me wants to be in.

Wolfy: Okay! Now, not so long ago, you launched the (JAWA) Dojo. Could you explain what it is and how it works?

Zu: I think I've made it quite clear when I had launched the Dojo, but I can refresh our memory. The Dojo is a place for all kind of people to study and train both as students and teachers. With it opened just recently, I hope for a big interest in it, as well as many features that I plan to add.

Wolfy: Sounds interesting! Now, you're mostly known as the (JAWA) Post Editor within the clan, since the 16th edition of the monthly newsletter! How do you feel about it still going strong today?

Zu: What drives me to lead this club is the desire to give people something more from the clan, our people willing to sacrifice their time in order to entertain our readers. I have never thought it would survive this long. When I had asked Link about it, back in the 16th Issue, my only wish was to be useful to the clan. And now? We're at the 42nd Issue! This is a huge milestone in my opinion. I hope it will reach the number 100 either within my time as a manager or someone else's.

Wolfy: Great! But what keeps you motivated to publish (JAWA) Post Editions, and making them improve with the months?

Zu: As I've mentioned, I want members of our clan to get something more from us. Not only promotions and in-game events, but also something to smile, to read when they are bored, or to simply let them get to know things that had not known yet. And example is the 'Member of the Issue' or your interviews.

Wolfy: Thanks! If ever there's an open position for a newsman in the Post, what would be the requirements to join in?

Zu: The most important thing I value in newsmen is their enthusiasm and passion. Our minds are powerful tools, so I am not afraid of lack of ideas. Good English skills are not that important nowadays thanks to our modest Copy Editor—Helena.

Wolfy: Good! Any other plans for your clanniversary?

Zu: Yes. Improving the Dojo with awesome features, some events for the next few days and things that I will think of in the future!

Wolfy: I see! Aside from playing JKA and video games in general, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Zu: Besides that? When I have time for myself, I either spend my time on the PC or go to the gym. I also try to write some poetry or draw things that have no meaning.

Wolfy: Awesome! Let's proceed with a tradition now... the (JAWA)-Related quiz! You'll be asked to retrieve members' names via small riddles. As usually, I'll ask you to close everything that could help you. Ready?

Zu: Bring it on.

Wolfy: The member who has a dragon name but a Rodian skin.

Zu: Drake.

Wolfy: Correct! 1/3! Next one: he who doesn't like to walk slowly.

Zu: Tricky question. I have no idea, it doesn't tell me anything.

Wolfy: It was Runner! Still 1/3. Last one: the owner of The Book about Everything, source of unlimited knowledge.

Zu: Sounds like Helena.

Helena: Hey! Who made up these questions?!

Wolfy: Correct again! 2/3. Obvious bonus question: what is the link between the three members quoted above?

Zu: They are my slaves—I mean, staff members of the Post!

Wolfy: Told you it was obvious. Thanks for answering all of my questions, Zu! Do you have anything left to say for our readers?


Wolfy: I bet Link ate them. Anyway, you'd think that this would conclude our interview? Well look who I invited to my forest earlier, to wish you a happy clanniversary! Here's what Helena, Drake and Runner said as a thank you for editing the Post for so long!

Helena Revan: When I inducted Zu into the clan four years ago, little did I know that he would become one of the most creative and productive members in (JAWA) history. He's been an admin, ambassador, and council member; he headed (JAWA) School for over two years, and now is developing a new training program with the (JAWA) Dojo; participated in numerous tournaments and events, bringing honour to the clan; and since issue 16, he's served as Editor-in-Chief of the (JAWA) Post!

Nobody I know has shown more dedication to these projects than Zu, for such a sustained period. Without his efforts, there'd probably be no (JAWA) Post. He's one of the most skilled and mysterious members of our clan, filling a role that would have been left vacant following the departure of Podoplovik. That's why I'm glad to count Zu as a member of our community, and why he's earned his place in the (JAWA) Hall of Fame!

Drake: Zu and I have had a shaky past. We have gone through fighting, to understanding, to working together on the Post. I believe the Post is one of Zu's greatest accomplishments here, and I know most to all of JAWA enjoy reading the Post each month. I wish Zu continues to enjoy his time in JAWA, and that us as the staff can continue to live up to the greatness he has created at the Post. Much blessings and thanks, Zu !

Runner: I do not know Zu very well but I do know that he is a very hard worker who puts in a lot of his own time into the clan. We are lucky to have dedicated members like Zu in (JAWA), happy clanniversary!

Wolfy: As for me, it's also been a real pleasure to work alongside you for the (JAWA) Post, nothing would be possible without you and I'd like to thank you very much for working hard on it, as well as your Council duties.

Zu: I'm speechless... this—I had not expected from you to pull something like this. This is something I have never truly seen from anyone, except for Link who let me walk the Hall of Fame ages ago. I don't think simple thank you is enough. I am really grateful for such warm words and I promise to live up to them.

Wolfy: And this concludes our (long) interview! Thanks and congratulations to Zu again, and I'll see you on the next edition of the (JAWA) Post, dear readers!




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